Pakistan Buys Russian Oil With Chinese Currency

Pakistani government officials welcomed the arrival of the first shipment of Russian crude oil to their port in Karachi on June 11. The delivery is Pakistan’s first government-to-government import of discounted Russian oil. It follows an announcement by Pakistani officials in January saying the nation aims to buy more than 35 percent of its total oil imports from Russia.

Blow to the dollar: Pakistani Petroleum Minister Musadik Malik said the country paid for the shipment in Chinese renminbi. This is a blow to the United States, whose currency has long dominated Pakistan’s payment policy, and a win for China, which aims to make the renminbi the predominant global currency.

Pakistan is a long-standing ally of the West. But the nation’s leadership in recent years has drawn nearer to both Russia and China.

Prophecy says: Bible passages such as Revelation 16:12 describe a massive alliance of Asian nations that will come together in the near future and play a central role in a third world war. A companion passage in Ezekiel 38 shows that this alliance will be led by Russia, with China in a position of junior leadership. These two giants will pull several other Asian countries into this bloc and pool all of their militaries into a force of 200 million men (Revelation 9:16). Pakistan, with its 231 million people, may well be one of the nations that joins this alliance and contributes soldiers to its unprecedentedly large military force.

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