China’s Ukraine Envoy Condemns Ukrainian Military Aid

China’s special representative for Eurasian Affairs, Li Hui, released a statement on Friday condemning nations supplying military aid to Ukraine during Russia’s invasion.

China believes that if we really want to put an end to war, to save lives and realize peace, it is important for us to stop sending weapons to the battlefield, or else the tensions will only spiral up.
—Li Hui

The United States and Europe have been the main suppliers of military aid to Ukraine. Li did not name any countries in particular, but he said these nations “exacerbate the situation” and are “adding fuel to the fire.”

“Who is the real troublemaker in the world and the real security threat in the world?” Li asked, alluding to the U.S. “The global community has a keen understanding of that.”

Ukraine envoy: Last month, Li met with leaders in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Germany and the European Union to discuss peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. According to Li, officials from both sides have said they are open to negotiations, but no talks were planned.

Li is now preparing for a second European tour, this time to discuss a potential “political settlement.”

Peacemaker? By sending an envoy to Europe, China is attempting to pose as a mediator and peacemaker. However, the Bible warns that its ultimate loyalty lies with Russia.

Revelation 16:12 says that in the end time there will be a power bloc the Bible calls “the king of the east.” Ezekiel 38 explains that Russia will lead this Eastern alliance with China as a strong ally.

China may appear neutral now, but its fundamental interests align with Russia. Prophecy says that in the future, Russia and China will work together to weaken Western power in an attempt to gain global dominance.

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