The EU’s Hidden Agenda

From the May 2000 Trumpet Print Edition

We recently attended a European Crisis Conference at Oxford University in Britain. The speakers were discussing the hidden dangers of the European Union (EU), which, as most of our readers know, is actually the final resurrection of the “Holy” Roman Empire.

I believe it will prove to be one of the most important political meetings in the history of Britain! The danger Britain faces today is far worse than in the 1930s, when Winston Churchill was warning his people! The big difference is that the enemy is much more deceitful than it was before World War ii. And the potential for danger is far greater.

There are presently 15 nations which comprise the EU. Britain is already a member, but many of its people fear the political union that is being forged.

Adrian Hilton was one of the speakers at the conference. His book, The Principality and Power of Europe, has become a bestseller in Britain. Here is what he said after the conference (emphasis mine): “There are swaths of our written constitution that, if repealed, explicitly would be seismic in their shift. The media would have to report upon it. There would have to be referenda asking the people on very profound issues whether they wished it to happen. That’s why the agenda is subversive, it is hidden, concealed, secret, because that’s the only way they can achieve their ends….” (His interview is printed on page 11 of this issue.)

Notice the emphasis: “subversive…hidden, concealed, secret.” The extreme danger lies in the hidden agenda. That is the only way Germany and the Vatican can achieve their goals at this point in time.

Throughout history, Germany has usually been the military will and power behind the Holy Roman Empire. The Vatican has been the guide.

Here is what Mr. Hilton said about that empire: “You don’t have to go so many years back to see that Europe has been in a perpetual state of war for over 2,000 years. I mean, the Holy Roman Empire was what evolved to effectively stop war. It didn’t, of course; it precipitated the two bloodiest wars that the world has ever been through, and you will see, as is being pointed out by Sir Richard Body [minister of British Parliament] and Norris McWhirter [author of The Guinness Book of World Records], that the whole German plan at the moment is simply the replacing of bombs and bullets by treaties. It is the same aggression, the same spirit, that is now at work still. The Vatican was intrinsically involved in both world wars. It was a Vatican concordat with Hitler that effectively gave him support to do what he did, and for the Vatican to turn a blind eye to the Holocaust. These things are facts—undeniable facts in history.

He says Germany and the Vatican are fighting a different kind of war today. Bombs and bullets have been replaced by deceptive treaties. But the goal remains the same—world rule.

Mr. Hilton was being very kind when he said that the Vatican turned “a blind eye to the Holocaust.” The whole world can read books like The Unholy Trinity by Mark Aarons and John Loftus. These authors and others have revealed how the Vatican “Ratlines” helped most of the Nazi war criminals escape after World War ii.

That is more than just turning a blind eye to the Holocaust! The Vatican was deeply involved in the Nazi movement!

To some people, that may seem like a radical view. But the evidence available to support that statement is almost overwhelming! Still, most people choose to turn a blind eye to the clear truth. Only the truth can set us free.

It is inexcusable if we fail to understand what the Holy Roman Empire is and the violent dangers it poses for our future! The whole world’s future! As Mr. Hilton said, these are “undeniable facts of history”!

It is time for the entire world to wake up to what is happening in Europe. That empire is the greatest physical danger on this earth today!

Jörg Haider’s political party recently became the second-most powerful party in Europe. They comprise one half of the Austrian cabinet. Mr. Haider has openly expressed his Nazi and fascist views to the world. Now he has been forced from office by the EU, and his country has no political power as a member.

On the surface, his being ousted looks good. It appears that the EU will not support anybody with Nazi or fascist views. And that is a dangerous deceit!

Mr. Haider’s problem is, he doesn’t understand that the war of treaties has replaced the bombs and bullets warfare—for the present time!

The Holy Roman Empire is winning today with deceitful treaties. But when treaties are no longer necessary, then they will use their bombs and bullets. Their policy of extreme deceit will remain the same. This is what they have routinely done for almost 2,000 years! They just do it better today.