Former Bundeswehr Fighter Pilots Train Chinese Military

Research published June 2 by Germany’s Der Spiegel and zdf indicate that former German military pilots have been training Chinese counterparts for years. German security authorities fear that the pilots could pass on Western military secrets and even help facilitate a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

Revelations: China has been recruiting former nato pilots as instructors via external agencies. The German Defense Ministry told Der Spiegel that they are concerned the pilots could share “relevant tactics, techniques and procedures.” The ministry confirmed that this included “former German Bundeswehr pilots.” Prior revelations have focused on British and American pilots.

Dangerous betrayal: These pilots have gathered years of experience working for nato. One of the Bundeswehr pilots, for example, spent most of his time stationed in the United States and Canada before he moved to China. China highly value their knowledge (bbc reported that some receive as much as $270,000).

The U.S. and China are rivals, and some fear the rivalry could escalate militarily. These pilots are betraying their loyalty to the West for a paycheck.

Security authorities in Germany believe it is highly likely that the pilots betrayed military expertise in the process, passed on secret operational tactics, and even practiced attack scenarios with their clients, such as an attack on Taiwan. All this at a time when tones between China and the West are becoming increasingly harsh.
Der Spiegel

Steering toward war: As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained in his article “China Is Steering the World Toward War,” the Asian giant’s aggressive nature in the end time has been prophesied. Specifically, Mr. Flurry has noted that China, in an alliance with Europe, will play a key role in besieging the American superpower and other descendants of ancient Israel.

This warning is not just for an ancient nation. It is a prophecy for the modern-day descendants of Israel! Two nations in particular represent Israel in this end time: America and Britain. … These nations are full of terrible sins today, and God is going to correct them for that! This prophecy and several others show that He will send foreign enemies to punish America and Britain!
—Gerald Flurry