More Brand Boycotts Upcoming

Major brands such as Bud Light, Chick-Fil-A, PetSmart, Target and Walmart face conservative boycotts after aggressively promoting a lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer agenda.

The market capitalization of Anheuser-Busch, which owns Bud Light, has fallen more than 18 percent since it hired transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote its beer. Meanwhile, the market capitalization of Target has fallen almost 15 percent since it rolled out a line of transgender children’s clothing. The market capitalizations of Chick-Fil-A, PetSmart and Walmart have not fallen nearly as much, but these companies are also supporting homosexual and transgender advocacy groups.

ESG standards: Chick-Fil-A used to be famous for its “anti-lgbtq” stance, but in 2019 it caved under pressure and started supporting charities that promoted both homosexuality and transgenderism.

Bud Light, PetSmart, Target and Walmart are even more devoted to the “woke” agenda; they are publicly traded companies largely controlled by management firms like BlackRock, the Vanguard Group and State Street Corp. These firms use an Environmental, Social and Governance (esg) business model that rewards companies that promote transgenderism and punishes companies that do not. Many companies promote homosexuality and transgenderism even after they are boycotted because they are more fearful of BlackRock, Vanguard Group and State Street Corp. than they are concerned about their customers.

Dual prophecy: The Bible reveals that an end-time type of Antiochus Epiphanes will be empowered by a host to “cast down the truth to the ground” (Daniel 8:11-12). Today we see a host of bureaucrats, military leaders, intelligence agents, media moguls, tech entrepreneurs and Wall Street financiers helping Barack Obama do this. Basic truths like the biological difference between males and females are being cast down by a shadow state working to destroy the nation.

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