When Jihadis Collide: Iran and the Taliban Exchange Gunfire

Will war break out between Iran and Afghanistan?

Tensions are mounting between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Iran previously sponsored the Taliban when America still controlled Afghanistan. But now that America has backed out and the Taliban has firm control of the country, it looks like the new regime is turning on its old mentor.

Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop for Iran: Ties started fraying earlier in May when Afghanistan claimed water levels on the Helmand River were so low that it could no longer live up to its obligations under a 1973 treaty. Iran claimed the Afghan government was making excuses for not passing on enough water.

“I want to say to the rulers of Afghanistan to take my words very seriously,” Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on May 18. “I’m warning them to give [Iran] its water share as soon as possible …. [They should] take my words seriously not to complain [about consequences] later.” The Taliban responded by mocking Raisi.

Jihad against the jihadis: On May 27, two Iranian border guards and one Afghan died in a skirmish at the Sasoli border checkpoint.

In response to the skirmish, prominent Taliban commander Abdulhamid Khorasani warned that the Taliban could fight “with more passion” against Iran than they did America. “We will conquer Iran soon if Taliban’s leaders give the green light for jihad,” he stated.

Could war break out between Iran and Afghanistan?

What the Bible says: Daniel 11:40 is a prophecy of a mysterious “king of the south.” This geopolitical entity is a “king”—it has a lot of power and isn’t afraid to use it. It has a “pushy,” provocative foreign policy. It is located to the south of Europe (the “king of the north”—see here for more information). Verses 42-43 show this king controls a vast proxy empire throughout the Middle East and Africa. For decades, the Trumpet has identified this king of the south as radical Islam, led by Iran.

In this case, this particular “push” from last weekend seems to have originated from the Taliban against Iran. But it’s a demonstration that radical Islam’s tendency, wherever it is established, is to push at its neighbors. Radical Islam dares its neighbors to go to war. It is not afraid to disrupt the status quo, even if it means serious conflict.

Daniel 11:40 doesn’t end with a pushy Islamist power, however. Prophetically, all of this pushing will lead to an unexpected response: “but the king of the North shall storm at him like a whirlwind, with chariots and cavalry and a large fleet, invading his lands and flooding into them” (Moffatt translation).

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