Only Half of Americans Certain God Exists

The share of Americans who believe in God has hit a record low. According to a 2022 survey released on May 17 by norc, the University of Chicago research organization, not quite 50 percent of Americans say they are sure of God’s existence. This figure is down more than 10 percent from 2008 when sure-believers topped 60 percent. Yet only 7 percent of respondents were confident God does not exist; so most of the decline in sure-believers is due to a rising tide of agnosticism. The survey was conducted among a sample of 5,872 adults living in all 50 states.

Darwinism: In the early modern period, America’s founders voiced the nation’s broad political consensus in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (emphasis added). A century later, following the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, the consensus began to change as people accepted the premise that concepts like morality and human rights were byproducts of evolution. Today, about half the nation doesn’t believe in inalienable rights because they aren’t even sure about the existence of a Creator.

Morality: Moral relativism is a well-developed, widely believed ideology that now dominates Western education, politics, philosophy and entertainment. Because society at large accepted the premise that everything is relative, including morality, evolutionists like Alfred Kinsey and Wilhelm Reich were able to propagate the idea that perversions like fornication, adultery, homosexuality and pedophilia are not inherently evil but are the natural results of the evolutionary process and are only “wrong” because religious people arbitrarily say they are wrong.

Higher education contemptuously ignores, without any consideration whatsoever, the biblical truths revealing man’s presence on the Earth and the causes of the present state of civilization. Education in the civilized world today has become entirely materialistic. Education has become a combination of the agnosticism of evolution, the politics and economics of Karl Marx, and the morals and social patterns of Sigmund Freud. Higher education remains in utter ignorance of the mystery of mankind and of human civilization.
—Herbert W. Armstrong, Mystery of the Ages

Learn more: Until humanity accepts God’s laws as static, stationary, eternal and unchanging, we are in great danger. Educational institutions have indoctrinated society to think belief in God is illogical. But what is the truth? To learn the answer to this all-important question, request Herbert W. Armstrong’s free booklet Does God Exist?