Russia’s Ninth Missile Attack on Ukraine This Month

Russia attacked Ukraine with 30 cruise missiles in an overnight raid from Wednesday to Thursday. This is the ninth missile attack Russia has launched since the beginning of May. As Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive looms, Russia is now launching missile and drone strikes at its most intense pace since the war began.

Ukraine said it shot down 29 of the missiles, two kamikaze drones and two Russian reconnaissance drones. However, the one missile it missed destroyed an industrial building in southern Odesa, killing one individual and wounding two others.

This is the second missile attack from Russia this week. From Monday to Tuesday, Russia launched its largest offensive yet against Kyiv using its most advanced Kinzhal missiles.

Peace envoy: As Russia continues to attack Ukraine, China’s special representative for Eurasian affairs, Li Hui, is touring Ukraine, Russia and Europe to discuss China’s peace proposal for the war. So far, China’s peace envoy has not reached any solutions for the conflict.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, Li was in Ukraine meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. According to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, “Ukraine did not accept any proposals involving the loss of its territories or the freezing of the conflict.”

Li is scheduled to meet with officials in Russia, Poland, France and Germany.

The Trumpet said:

[I]t’s a delusion to believe that China is the greatest hope for preserving peace in Ukraine. China still hasn’t condemned the Russian invasion. Instead, Russia and China continue to tighten economic and diplomatic ties. Xi even visited Moscow, which was seen as a great boost for Putin and endorsement of his policies. China is part of the reason this war has continued.

Despite this delusion, leaders in Europe count on China.

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