France Looks to China for Help in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in China yesterday to strengthen dialogue, allegedly in hopes of appealing for peace in Ukraine. China is Russia’s most important longtime ally. Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping is with the potential ability to exert enough influence on his Russian counterpart to end the war—this, however, has not happened.

I know I can count on you … to bring Russia to its senses and bring everyone back to the negotiating table. We need to find a lasting peace. I believe that this is also an important issue for China, as much as it is for France and for Europe.
—Emmanuel Macron

Delusion: For the last few decades, the United States has been the primary security for global peace. But the U.S. is abandoning this role and dictators are stepping in. China is currently home to the greatest dictatorship in history, and its suppressive system is only growing. Nonetheless, Europe is seeking an alliance with China, which has, in recent years, become the U.S.’s greatest rival.

But it’s a delusion to believe that China is the greatest hope for preserving peace in Ukraine.

  • China still hasn’t condemned the Russian invasion.
  • Instead, Russia and China continue to tighten economic and diplomatic ties.
  • Xi even visited Moscow, which was seen as a great boost for Putin and endorsement of his policies.
  • China is part of the reason this war has continued.

Despite this delusion, leaders in Europe count on China. Why?

Together with [European Commission] President Ursula von der Leyen in Beijing, we, as Europeans, share the same vision. It is in our mutual interest to reopen the field of possibilities between Europe and China.
—Emmanuel Macron

A global alliance: China is not interested in preserving human rights. Europe has another interest in forming an alliance with China. Macron has made European independence his priority, which means independence from the U.S. To achieve that goal, Europe needs an alliance with China. This was the real reason for the meeting.

The two countries are working on a trade deal called “from French farm to Chinese table.” Xi sees Europe as an “independent pole in a multipolar world”—meaning he wants it to break its close ties with the U.S. Thus Macron and Xi share the same goal.

Europe is in the process of building a strategic autonomy in the service of a common project, the twin of French independence. With China, our approach is based above all on greater mutual respect, with a view to achieving a new balance.

From Beijing to Guangzhou, I have met students who are learning our language, enthusiastic and dynamic young people, entrepreneurs keen to innovate, and artists inspired by France. There is so much for us to do together. Long live the friendship between China and France!
—Emmanuel Macron

Europe and China share a dream of replacing the U.S. as the global superpower. The Bible reveals that Europe’s acceptance of the Chinese dictatorship is leading to an alliance that is prophesied in Isaiah 23. In this alliance, war will be tolerated and the U.S. will not only lose its leading role but become the victim of a trade war followed by a hot war.

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