South Africa Supplies Weapons to Russia

South Africa has turned its back on the British Commonwealth by supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the United States ambassador to South Africa, the South African government secretly helped arm Russia last December with the help of a cargo ship docked at a naval base near Cape Town.

“Among the things we noted was the docking of the cargo ship in the Simon’s Town naval base between 6th to 8th December 2022, which we are confident uploaded weapons and ammunition onto that vessel in Simon’s Town as it made its way back to Russia,” Ambassador Reuben Brigety said on May 11 in a press briefing with local journalists.

Shifting alliances: Since South Africa is simultaneously a member of the British Commonwealth and the brics alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), it officially pledged neutrality in the Ukraine War. But revelations about South Africa’s secret weapons shipment to Russia show that its true loyalty is to brics.

The United States and its Western allies will have to decide whether to place sanctions on South Africa now that it has joined Iran and North Korea in empowering Russian aggression.

Global trade: The U.S. has already sanctioned the cargo ship and its Russian-based owner. But it probably will not sanction the South African government until after South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has launched an inquiry into the matter.

Yet even if the U.S. does decide to sanction South Africa, it may find that it has less economic influence than many people believe. A 2019 study by the Lowy Institute found that 128 out of 190 countries examined traded more with China than the United States. So, the brics alliance already holds more economic influence over more nations than America.

‘Mart of nations’: God inspired the Prophet Isaiah to write about a vast trade bloc—“a mart of nations”—that would form in the end time (Isaiah 23:3). Verse 1 shows that a lead nation in this bloc would be “Chittim.” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains in Isaiah’s End-Time Vision that Chittim is an ancient name for China. A passage in Ezekiel 27 also mentions ancient names for Russia (Tubal and Meshech) in association with this mart.

The fact that South Africa is part of brics is tremendously significant. The U.S. is mulling sanctions on South Africa, but it will soon be South Africa and its new allies sanctioning America.

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