Putin Orders Reservists to Training Camps, Triggering Fears of New Mobilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on May 10 for army reservists to report to military training camps for drills, prompting fears that a new wave of mobilization for Russia’s war on Ukraine is near.

[I hereby order to] call up the citizens of the Russian Federation, who are a part of the reserve army, to the military training in the armed forces of Russia, forces of the National Guard of Russia, bodies of state security and the Federal Security Service (fsb), in 2023.
—Vladimir Putin

Putin’s government claims the measure is a routine one designed to better train reservists. But in light of Russia’s ongoing war and its intensifying struggle to hold ground previously seized, some fear this order could be in preparation for another wave of mobilization.

“Putin needs more and more and more,” Kyiv-based analyst Taras Revunets told the Trumpet on May 10. “It’s quantity over quality,” he said, adding that the word “drills … sounds less scary and less unpopular than mobilization.”

The Trumpet said: Editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote about Russia’s conflict on Feb. 25, 2022, the day after it expanded into a full-scale war, stating: “I have been warning for more than two decades that Vladimir Putin would be responsible for violent conquests and that he would set in motion some astonishing and historic events.” Mr. Flurry explained that his warning about Putin’s Russia is founded on his understanding of Bible prophecy:

Ezekiel 38 is an especially important passage about Russia. … This whole chapter contains staggering understanding about the powerful Russian empire and its widely feared “prince.” … I strongly believe this “chief prince” is Vladimir Putin, and I have explained why many times over the past 20 years. The alarming and sobering scenes coming out of Ukraine today dramatically prove that this understanding is right. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled this very moment in Ukraine!

Learn more: To understand Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the context of prophecy, read Mr. Flurry’s free booklet The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia.’