Twitter Files 20: The Information Cartel

Investigative journalist Andrew Lowenthal released a 36-tweet thread on April 25 exposing how an alliance of academics, journalists, intelligence operatives, military personnel, government bureaucrats and nongovernmental organization workers form an information cartel. This cartel comprises at least 400 organizations worldwide and received hundreds of millions of dollars from governments and private philanthropy.

Groups like the Atlantic Council, the Aspen Institute, the Center for European Policy Analysis, the Public Good Project, Newsguard, Graphika, Clemson’s Media Forensic Hub and many others are working together to control the flow of information.

Civil-military relations: Liberal societies clearly distinguish between civilian and military operations. So Lowenthal noted his alarm at the slew of military-funded groups participating in the Information Cartel. Contractors like Mitre are part of the Aspen Institute’s “Information Disorder,” thus playing a major role in the Censorship Industrial Complex.

This means that what people like Barack Obama call fighting misinformation really amounts to Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW), a hybrid warfare that seeks to conquer nations through social engineering, misinformation and cyberattacks.

Shadow state: America’s government is evolving away from a constitutional republic into an authoritarian technocracy run by bureaucrats, military leaders, intelligence agents, Wall Street financiers, media moguls and tech entrepreneurs. Radical Democrats and establishment Republicans have teamed up to censor free speech, rig elections, and ruin the reputation of anyone who tries to stop them.

The Bible says this loss of freedom is an affliction God allows to wake people up and show them how far they have strayed from America’s founding principles (2 Kings 14:26-28).

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