Brands Promote Transgender, Face Buyer Backlash

Dylan Mulvaney

Brands Promote Transgender, Face Buyer Backlash

Bud Light sales fell 17 percent in the three weeks after the company’s disastrous decision to feature transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a commercial. Yet this has not caused corporate America to stop promoting transgenderism.

Mulvaney has earned over $1 million promoting brands on social media and maintains lucrative contracts with more than a dozen companies selling everything from beer to cosmetics to kitchen appliances. It is becoming increasingly evident that corporate America is motivated by something other than making money and attracting customers.

Corporate governance: An exposé in the New York Post reveals that corporate America is being bullied into endorsing transgender celebrities by a woke industrial complex. How does this system work?

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds the Human Rights Campaign, the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer political lobbying group in the world. This group assigns companies a Corporate Equity Index (cei) based on how well they promote homosexual and transgender relations. Management firms like BlackRock, the Vanguard Group and State Street Corp. include ceis in their Environmental, Social and Governance model. This model rewards companies who promote transgenderism and punishes companies that do not.

Shadow state: BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street are the largest shareholders in 40 percent of all public companies in the United States. These three firms manage over $20 trillion in assets and own 20 percent of all the shares on the Fortune 1000 list. Because BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street make a concerted effort to ensure their shareholders vote the same way, they can pressure companies to support transgenderism against their financial interests.

Dual prophecy: Budweiser and other companies are paying transgender influencers to promote their products because they are more fearful of George Soros, BlackRock ceo Larry Fink, Vanguard Group ceo Mortimer Buckley and State Street ceo Ronald O’Hanley than they are concerned about their customers.

The Bible reveals that an end-time type of Antiochus Epiphanes will be empowered by a host to “cast down the truth to the ground” (Daniel 8:11-12). Today we see a host of bureaucrats, military leaders, intelligence agents, media moguls, tech entrepreneurs and Wall Street financiers helping Barack Obama cast truth to the ground.

This network is the biggest threat to America today. It aims to destroy the U.S., its Judeo-Christian history, its Constitution and the biblical principles its Constitution is largely based upon.

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