German Eurofighters Celebrate Israel’s Independence With Flyover

For the first time, German fighter jets did a flyover in honor of Israel’s Independence Day. April 25 and 26 marked 75 years of Israel’s independence. In celebration, the German fighter jets, as well as those from a few other nations, passed over Jerusalem and the Knesset. Some of Germany’s Eagle 2.0 fighter jets were decorated with both the Israeli and German flags.

Increasing cooperation: Germany and Israel’s military cooperation goes back many decades to the second defense minister of West Germany: Franz Josef Strauss. That cooperation continues to deepen.

Germany has expressed interest in Israel’s state-of-the-art Arrow 3 missile defense system, and negotiations for its purchase could soon be concluded. The system promises an effective shield against attacks with medium- and long-range missiles. Israel’s support for Germany would be a significant turn of events. Germany’s Tagesspiegel noted on April 26:

No one could have imagined this in 1957. At that time, the state was fighting for survival practically every day—and a young Israeli named Shimon Peres (who later received the Nobel Peace Prize and became president), as a high-ranking representative of his country, asked Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss for German arms assistance in a conversation that was kept secret. The arms assistance was granted, including financing.

Over the years, Germany has provided Israel with outstanding military weaponry, including nuclear-capable submarines.

We are deeply grateful for the reconciliation that Israel has given us.
—Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s president (April 25)

Cooperation prophesied: The cooperation that began with Germany’s second defense minister is prophesied in the Bible. According to Daniel 11:41, a European superstate, now on the rise, will “enter also into the glorious land” in the end time.

The powerful European Union army will then enter the glorious land, or Israel. The word enter in no way indicates the use of force. The Germans will undoubtedly be invited in as a peacekeeping force.
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief, Jerusalem in Prophecy