Guttenberg Invests to Solve the Bundeswehr’s Procurement Problem

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Swen Pförtner/picture alliance via Getty Images

Guttenberg Invests to Solve the Bundeswehr’s Procurement Problem

The Munich-based startup GovRadar wants to solve Germany’s procurement problems, especially for the Bundeswehr. Some consider inefficient procurement to be the main cause for the nation’s lack of a rising military. GovRadar has found a most prominent investor in former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

GovRadar has more than 70 customers, including various districts and cities such as Magdeburg, Hamburg, Ulm and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Founder and ceo Sascha Soyk’s stated goal is for all government agencies, schools and the armed forces to be well equipped in a timely manner.

As a reserve officer, Soyk knows the procurement problems of the German Army well. He has also worked in the Cyber Innovation Hub of the Bundeswehr. “I personally experienced the particularities of public procurement, sometimes on a very painful level,” he told Munich Startup. He also worked as a manager for the American software company Palantir where he learned “the other side of the market” and brought data analysis tools to the police and intelligence services in Germany.

Procurement in Germany is a huge challenge due to bureaucracy and staff shortages. The German Army lacks necessary equipment because the process of getting it is complicated and tedious. GovRadar’s software automates and simplifies the procurement process for the public sector. The platform allows government agencies to quickly and cost-effectively obtain bids and streamline the procurement process while still recognizing all the underlying regulations.

Soyk also wants to solve problems for federal agencies down to municipalities. To garner help with this massive undertaking, he connected with Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg on LinkedIn. Guttenberg also happens to be a friend of one of the founders of Palantir: Peter Thiel. Unsurprisingly, Guttenberg was interested in Soyk’s work.

While attending a military exercise in Bad Reichenhall, Soyk received a call from Guttenberg expressing interest in an investment in GovRadar. “A short time later, he visited us in Munich,” Soyk said in an interview with Gründerszene. Guttenberg is now one of a few prominent investors.

At the Trumpet, we closely watch Germany’s rise. Biblical passages like Revelation 13 and 17 reveal that a military power will rise out of the heart of Europe right before the return of Jesus Christ. Technological innovation could facilitate Germany’s sudden prophesied rise.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has also pointed to Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg to be the most likely man to lead Europe into a new age of innovation and power. Many influential ceos are already working with him to varying degrees. But as Mr. Flurry pointed out in “Is KT zu Guttenberg About to Come to Power?”, we believe Guttenberg will be the next leader of a European powerhouse. His expertise and connections could contribute to a sudden transformation of Europe.

Time will tell if Guttenberg will fulfill this prophesied role as Europe’s strongman and what technologies will enable Europe’s rise. The prophecies that foretell Europe’s sudden transformation need to be closely studied and compared to world events. To learn more, read “The Wars of the Future” and “Is KT zu Guttenberg About to Come to Power?