EU Centralizes Patent System

The European Union is about to overcome a major bureaucratic hurdle. Right now, inventors have to apply for patents in individual countries to avoid having their ideas stolen in a neighboring market. But starting on May 31, they can apply for one patent covering 17 EU countries. The EU is beginning a centralized European patent system, which includes a European patent with unitary effect and a specialized patent jurisdiction (the “Unified Patent Court”).

According to the European Commission, the advantages include:

  • Fewer expenses and administrative hurdles for individuals, companies and research organizations
  • The elimination of complex validation and translation requirements
  • More opportunities for research, development and investment in innovation
  • Overall economic growth in the EU.

EuroIntelligence noted:

This is not only a historic achievement in itself, but also very timely now that the EU is seeking to enhance its strategic autonomy. This will reduce complexity, time and costs for enterprises. It will protect innovation in large parts of the single market and could also make financing easier. The unified patent is a big opportunity in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises. …

Geopolitically, the European patent matters too. Instead of going to the U.S. to register their patents there, companies now have a real choice of a European market similar in size for more or less the same costs. It also helps to prevent against advances from Chinese companies in the single market. Small companies in Europe would usually register their innovations only in a couple of member states, leaving all other EU member states for China to enter with its own patents.

Power in unity: It took Europe decades to come to this point, but this and other legislation allow Europe to become more unified and powerful.

As our booklet Daniel Unlocks Revelation shows, Europe’s unification is discussed in various biblical prophecies. The Bible also speaks of Europe’s struggle to unify. Daniel 2 prophesies of an empire led by 10 kings, but notes that “the kingdom shall be divided” and that it “shall be partly strong, and partly broken.” This, along with a parallel prophecy in Revelation 17, describes Europe today. Both passages show that the EU will be paired down to 10 nations or closely united groups of nations. This prophesied empire will use its unified powers for militaristic purposes.

Every step toward European unity is a step toward the fulfillment of these prophecies and God’s prophesied intervention in the affairs of mankind.