NATO Under German Command Reaches Finland

German frigate fgs Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is docked at the harbor in Helsinki, Finland, on April 13.
HEIKKI SAUKKOMAA/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images

NATO Under German Command Reaches Finland

German and Portuguese ships reached Finland for the first joint military exercise since the Nordic country joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on April 4. The two frigates, deployed with Standing nato Maritime Group 1 (snmg1), visited Helsinki April 13 to 16 after participating in an exercise organized by the Coastal Fleet. snmg1 is under the command of Rear Adm. Thorsten Marx from the German Navy.

This is just one of many examples that shows how Germany is taking the lead in the alliance’s European missions. Germany is increasingly at the heart of numerous military operations as it unites European nato armies under its command. Many blindly believe that Germany pursues the same goals as nato, but this assumption is dangerous.

On January 1, Germany took the lead of nato’s highest-readiness military force (vjtf). Since then, 11,500 troops on standby, ready to deploy within days have been under German command. This includes troops from nine nato countries (Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia). Germany is also leading the vjtf’s designated Special Forces command.

“Germany is an important ally, and we thank Germany for leading the vjtf in 2023,” said nato Spokesperson Oana Lungescu. “As Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine continues to threaten peace and security in Europe, there must be no doubt about nato’s resolve to protect and defend every inch of allied territory. The vjtf is nato’s first responder and a key part of our collective defense. Germany’s leadership is a strong display of its commitment and capabilities.”

nato forces have been stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, since 1952—but Germany has since become an operation leader. In 2019, a new nato command was declared operational in Ulm, Germany, called the Joint Support and Enabling Command (jsec). jsec is responsible for providing logistical and operational support to nato missions and operations.

Furthermore, Germany plays a crucial role in planning and directing air operations at the Combined Air Operations Centers at Uedem, Germany—a second one is located in Torrejón, Spain. A recent addition is nato’s Space Center at Ramstein, Germany—little is still known about this one. abc News wrote: “At the heart of Ramstein Air Base in Germany, a mysterious new division of military personnel is quietly working to keep America and its allies safe from hostile attacks—in space.”

Then there is also the headquarters of the Rapid Deployable German–Netherlands Corps in Münster, a multinational war-fighting headquarters assigned to nato. Another German took a key leadership position in nato in 2021: Lt. Gen. Jürgen-Joachim von Sandrart became commander of nato’s northeastern flank. The flank oversees Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia.

On top of that, the Royal Navy is working together with the new German Maritime Force (deu marfor) to help set up a new naval headquarters in Rostock. The Royal Navy notes on its website: “From the middle of this decade, the headquarters will not only be the hub of German Navy operations but also be available to the UN [United Nations], nato and EU for operations and exercises they wish to direct.” Thus Germany will be able to coordinate nato fleets in a potential naval war with Russia. Additionally, Germany contributes to EU military missions that are independent of nato.

Poland and Germany are also in the race for an additional army headquarters that is planned to host 80,000 soldiers. And Germany is taking more and more initiative of its own.

In 2018, nato accepted Germany’s offer to establish a nato command center that focuses on rapid troop movement across Europe. Deutsche Welle wrote that the new headquarters “will not be integrated into the current nato command structure.” Instead, it will be established under German sovereignty.

This June, U.S. and European allies will conduct the largest air exercise in Germany since the end of the Cold War. Citing military sources, the magazine Air & Space Forces noted that “the exercise was organized by Germany, not nato headquarters, but it will include support from the alliance.” Chief of the German Air Force Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz noted: “We have to take responsibility to stand up and say, ‘OK, we are ready to defend the alliance.’”

Europe has submitted to the American-led bloc for 70 years. But it is foolish to believe that this will continue. Watch for Germany to volunteer for more and more military responsibilities. In fact, the Bible warns of a sudden betrayal.

The Bible is filled with prophecies that warn of a rising European military that will oppose America. Based on prophecies such as those in Revelation 17, the late Herbert W. Armstrong foretold Europe’s military power grab. In 1957, when Germany was still recovering from a devastating defeat, Mr. Armstrong said, “Germany is going to rise again with great power.”

Read more of his Bible-based prophecies in your free copy of He Was Right. The Bible has warned for thousands of years that man does not know the way of peace. To learn more about how Europe is secretly working on its own multinational army, read “Europe’s ‘Underground’ Army.”