Germany’s Military Leadership Is Transforming

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius

Germany’s Military Leadership Is Transforming

To become a more dominate power, the German military not only needs more powerful weapons, money and soldiers—but most of all, it needs a new leadership structure. This is uppermost on the mind of German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. According to insider information published by Germany’s Bild on April 5, around 160 of the nearly 370 management-level positions in the Bundeswehr will be eliminated.

Together with its European partners, Germany has the potential to become a major military power. It has been the seventh-largest military spender in the world; if it spends 2 percent of its gross domestic product on its military, it will become the third-largest. It’s closely cooperating with other European Union armies and recently swallowed the Netherlands three combat brigades. It is also home to a world-class military industry. But Pistorius believes that the change has to start at the top—and he is not alone.

“For years, there has been criticism that the Bundeswehr and the Ministry of Defense are dysfunctional and cumbersome that there are too many staffs and thus a diffusion of responsibility,” Bild wrote. “One thing is clear: The apparatus must be trimmed down. But so far, no boss has dared to tackle the unpopular reform. Boris Pistorius is now daring to take a risky maneuver and rebuild his house!”

The proposed changes will come into effect in May. In addition to reducing the number of staff, a planning and management staff will be established. Its 117 employees will be able to lead in critical situations and steer the house internally. The changes will be followed by additional cuts in autumn. Overall, the German military believes that if fewer are in charge more will get done.

Only weeks into his new role as defense minister, Pistorius fired Chief of Defense Eberhard Zorn and replaced him with Carsten Breuer. Since that time, Pistorius has been closely advised by Breuer, who now has full command of the armed forces. Breuer previously made news for overseeing Germany’s Coronavirus Crisis Staff—when the German Army helped the government in the logistical aspects of administering the vaccine to millions of people. (Even though it was strictly forbidden after World War ii that the German Army would be allowed to serve domestically—the rules have since loosened.)

According to Bild, Breuer “is closely involved, accompanying the minister [Pistorius] on important dates, including to the chancellor’s office.” This cooperation between the defense minister and the chief of defense needs to be closely watched.

United States President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill noted in February 1945 that it is “the German General Staff that has repeatedly contrived the resurgence of German militarism” and called for its breakup. Today, the Germany Army is a parliamentary army under strict democratic civilian control. Germany has no official general staff, but as chief of defense, Carsten Breuer fulfills a similar role.

Though leaders have attempted to prevent the revival of German militarism, the Bible prophesies that it will rise in a dramatic way. Revelation 13 and 17 refer to a specific military power as a beast. It also refers to an “image of the beast” that would prove key to reviving this military empire time and again (Revelation 13:15).

As the late Herbert W. Armstrong explained in Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?, this resurrected power is the Roman Empire, which became the Holy Roman Empire that now awaits its prophesied final resurrection. Mr. Armstrong wrote that the image of the beast is the “counterpart of the civil Roman government.”

It is this government structure that has led to the success of German militarism under Adolf Hitler and German kings and emperors prior to him. Hitler said he got his government structure from the Roman Catholic Church, who has the pope at the top. But the Roman Catholic Church copied its government from the Roman Empire. “This church government, or organization, is the image of the beast,” Mr. Armstrong concluded. “It is the pagan political counterfeit of God’s government.”

Here is the danger of this government: It gives absolute power to one man instead of God.

The German military is currently realizing that if you have 100 people in charge, nothing gets done. But reducing the number of men in charge is risking that one man will take over and rule from the top. This will get things done—but unless this man submits to God it will bring colossal evil. That’s exactly what the Bible reveals will happen.

Watch how the government structure of the German military is being overhauled. Watch German militarism revive. And watch as one man takes charge of this empire. Watch the prophecies of your Bible being fulfilled.

To understand more, read Mr. Armstrong’s booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?