Dutch Army Submits to German Command

Royal Netherlands Army soldier
Michael Williams/Wikimedia Commons

Dutch Army Submits to German Command

Starting tomorrow, the entire Dutch land force will be under German command. The Dutch land force has already integrated two combat brigades into the German military; on March 30, the third brigade will follow.

The official statement of the German military sounds like a declaration of victory:

With the subordination of the Dutch 13th Light Brigade, all brigades of the Dutch Field Army will be subordinated to the divisions of the German Army.

The two countries have a recent history of close military cooperation.

  • The German-Netherlands Corps was established in 1995.
  • The countries hold regular joint exercises and share military procurement and development initiatives.
  • German and Dutch forces cooperated in Afghanistan and Mali.
  • In 2016, Germany and the Netherlands agreed to gradually integrate the Seebataillon (Naval Force) of the German Navy into the Royal Netherlands Navy.
  • The recent plan will form a joint force of around 50,000 military personnel, including roughly 8,000 Dutch soldiers, according to Dutch newspaper nrc.
  • The integration was eased by the fact that German-Dutch militaries already share military technologies.

Increased urgency: The integration of German and Dutch forces has been accelerated by Russia’s war on Ukraine. “Russia’s attack on Ukraine in violation of international law has accelerated the rethinking of approaching Europe’s military defense readiness as a joint task,” the Bundeswehr announced in December. As a result, it said, the Dutch and German land forces “have decided on deep integration.”

An example for the rest:

The excellent cooperation between the German and Dutch armed forces is regarded as a special example of a close common European security and defense policy.
—Bundeswehr website

Germany wants all European armies to come under its command—and it has already started including others. They are training together and soon they could be fighting together. Read “Europe’s ‘Underground’ Army.”

How it will end: What begins as cooperation will end in German domination. Revelation 17 speaks of a military conglomerate of 10 nations or groups of nations. As our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire explains, this empire will be led by Germany.