Scottish National Party Elects Muslim First Minister Who Wants to Abolish Monarchy

Humza Yousaf was elected the new head of the Scottish National Party on March 27 and is set to become Scotland’s first minister replacing Nicola Sturgeon. The 37-year-old will be the first Pakistani to lead Scotland and the first Muslim to lead a West European country.

Yousaf promised to end the divisions within the Scottish National Party and make a renewed push for Scotland’s independence. Yet rather than unite Scotland, Yousaf may end up dividing it further. Unlike his predecessor, who insisted that Scotland would remain a constitutional monarchy if it ever left the United Kingdom, Yousaf wants to completely abolish the monarchy from Scotland.

Political turmoil: The last time Scotland held an independence referendum, 45 percent of participants voted to leave the United Kingdom. Yousaf needs to convince more Scots that independence from the UK is desirable if he wants to make independence a reality. The fact that he is taking more radical positions than Sturgeon regarding the monarchy and a bevy of other issues makes it unlikely that he will accomplish this in the near future. Rather than splitting Scotland from the UK, Yousaf may stir up more strife within Scotland itself.

Forgotten heritage: The UK was established on Jan. 1, 1801, when the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland formally merged into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This merger occurred 2,520 years after the Assyrian Empire conquered the ancient Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh between 721 and 718 b.c.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong explained in his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy that the modern-day inhabitants of the British Isles are descended from ancient Israel, so this merger of kingdoms was a fulfillment of a prophecy God made regarding Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 35:11).

Disunited kingdom: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland officially ended on Jan. 7, 1922, when Ireland gained independence. The UK only exists because six Irish counties chose to remain part of it. But now there is a concerted effort to reunite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland and make Scotland an independent republic. It may be quite awhile before either happens, but the efforts to balkanize Britain show that God is stripping away their blessings because of the people’s sins.