Meet the Socialist Priest Who Inspired the Architect Behind the Great Reset

Helder Camara
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Meet the Socialist Priest Who Inspired the Architect Behind the Great Reset

The World Economic Forum is trying to make the Red Bishop’s dream a reality.

Who is the most dangerous person in the world? An increasing number of people say it is World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab. This Swiss engineer is not a head of state, nor does he command his own army. He does not possess his own nuclear arsenal. Yet as the architect behind covid-19 lockdowns and the Great Reset, Schwab has done more to suppress individual freedom, end free markets, destroy national sovereignty, and promote global tyranny than anyone alive.

Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen Schwab, was a director at Escher Wyss AG, which, among other high-tech, low-principles projects, used slaves to manufacture atomic bomb technologies for Adolf Hitler. Yet Schwab does not talk about his father often. He talks about two other individuals who changed his life: American diplomat Henry Kissinger, who was Schwab’s mentor at Harvard in the 1960s, and Archbishop Hélder Câmara, whom Schwab met while visiting his Nazi father in Brazil.

In an interview with Natalie Pierce and Wadia Ait Hamza in 2021, Schwab noted that Câmara showed him the slums of Recife during his first visit to Brazil. Schwab invited Câmara to talk about poverty at the European Management Symposium. Schwab admitted that he had a hard time getting Câmara into Switzerland in 1974 since he was “considered to be a Communist.” Yet Schwab did not discuss Câmara’s long history with fascism and Liberation Theology, probably because doing so would reveal that the beloved “stakeholder capitalism” he promotes is just an updated name for Mussolini-style fascism.

Câmara was a prominent figure in a pro-Nazi clerical movement called Ação Integralista Brasileira in the 1930s. The archbishop of Rio de Janeiro told him that his pro-Nazi militancy was making it much harder for the Roman Catholic Church to promote him. So in 1947, Câmara joined the pro-Communist group Ação Católica Brasileira instead. This move from Nazi integralism to Marxist progressivism seemed to work as Câmara was consecrated as a bishop just five years later.

The new bishop did not even have to change his political opinions that much. The Communists were just as socialists as the Nazis, and after World War ii, the kgb began promoting a new Christian-friendly version of communism called Liberation Theology. Câmara began criticizing the United States and its anti-Soviet policies while singing praises to Fidel Castro’s Cuba and Mao Zedong’s China.

This activity earned him the moniker “Red Bishop” and prompted two successive popes—John Paul ii and Benedict xvi—to crack down on Liberation Theology. Yet it also earned him the respect of Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, who would become Pope Francis. In 2013, Francis praised Câmara as someone who left an indelible mark on the church in Brazil.

In 2015, Francis initiated the process of canonization necessary to make Archbishop Câmara a Catholic saint. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons Francis gets along so well with Schwab. Both men are inspired by a left-wing version of Catholicism that mobilizes mass third-world support for their globalist agenda.

The pope is continuing the Red Bishop’s work. As a left-wing activist mentored by a Paraguayan Communist, Francis is working to stir up resentment against capitalism in general and the U.S. in particular. His encyclical Fratelli Tutti attacks free markets, saying they are based on “magic theories.” Yet the World Economic Forum praised it as a “prescription for resetting the global economy.”

You do not have to know much about history to see that the Vatican and the World Economic Forum are working together to create a new world economic order based on overtly fascist principles.

“Nazism has always been defined as the German form of fascism,” the late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in the August 1952 Plain Truth. “And so it is, with one slight shade of difference! Nazism was purely a national German fascism—whereas pure fascism, as it has existed since 600 years before Christ, is an international fascism! And pure fascism always united with the Roman Church!”

This fact explains how Câmara could easily move from Nazi integralism to Marxist progressivism. Nazism is more nationalistic than communism. But in most other ways, the two ideologies are very similar.

Continue to watch the World Economic Forum’s efforts to collaborate with the Vatican and impose “stakeholder capitalism” on the world. These efforts are part of a strategy to resurrect a fascist empire that is not bound together by blood but rather by the Roman Catholic religion.

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