North Korea Simulates Nuclear Counterattack Against U.S. and South Korea

North Korea simulated a nuclear counterattack on March 19, according to North Korean state media. The Korean Central News Agency (kcna) reported that a ballistic missile equipped with a mock nuclear warhead had been successfully detonated above the East Sea. The launch was part of a two-day drill that involved training and tactical exercises with North Korea’s nuclear command.

kcna reported that the test was intended to show the United States and South Korea how North Korea would respond if it were invaded.

The drill … aimed to demonstrate our tougher will to make an actual war response and send a stronger warning to the enemy who expand their war drills for aggression [becoming] undisguised in their explicit attempt to unleash a war against the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] in disregard of its repeated warnings.
—Korean Central News Agency

According to kcna, while presiding over the weekend’s drills, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un stated that “it is possible to fulfill the important strategic mission of war deterrence and reliably defend the sovereignty of the country … only when the nuclear force is perfected as a means actually capable of mounting an attack on the enemy” of America and South Korea.

Excuses: North Korea routinely uses exercises between America and South Korea as an excuse to test missiles and train its nuclear command. The more America and South Korea work together, the more brazen North Korea becomes. This aggressive behavior is heavily backed by Russia and China. The bulk of North Korea’s nuclear capability comes directly from these two nations, and Bible prophecy warns that their nuclear cooperation will be catastrophic for the world.

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