Patriarch Kirill Exposed as KGB Agent

As Russian Patriarch Kirill emphasizes that Donbas is an inseparable part of Russia and defends Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, two Swiss newspapers are exposing the fact that Kirill has been an agent of the Russian government for decades.

The Sonntagszeitung and Le Matin Dimanche weeklies reported on February 5 that Swiss police have verified that Kirill was a member of the kgb in the 1970s, living in Geneva, Switzerland; he infiltrated the World Council of Churches. Citing Swiss federal archives, the police said Kirill’s mission was to influence the World Council of Churches to denounce the United States and its allies and to moderate its criticisms of the lack of religious freedom in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Russian empire: Patriarch Kirill has made no secret of his support for Putin, who worked as a kgb agent in East Germany in the 1980s. Yet in many ways, Kirill and Putin have taken Russia back to a time before the rise of the ussr—back to when the country was an imperial autocracy ruled by the czar and dominated by Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Texas-based think tank Stratfor revealed over a decade ago that Putin is explicitly using the evangelization efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church to consolidate Russian control over the people of Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia. Kirill’s recent efforts supporting Putin’s invasion of Ukraine show that he is more interested in getting people to look to Moscow than getting them to look to God.

Coming clash: Many commentators are drawing parallels between Putin’s Russia and the ussr, and some are drawing parallels between the European Union and Nazi Germany. As disturbing as these parallels are to consider, one must look further back in history to see what is really transpiring.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong long predicted that the EU would morph into the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire (a German-dominated dictatorship bound together by the Roman Catholic religion). And now we see Putin’s Russia morphing the vast stretch of land from the Carpathian Mountains to the Pacific coast into a final incarnation of Imperial Russia (a Russia-dominated empire bound together by the Russian Orthodox religion). Expect a great clash in the near future as these empires compete for global dominance.

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