Denmark Abolishes Public Holiday to Increase Defense Spending

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are urgently seeking to increase their military spending. Denmark took a drastic step to facilitate the new budget requirements and announced on February 28 the cancellation of a public holiday: the Great Prayer Day. The government hopes that adding a workday to the calendar will raise tax revenues that can fund the country’s defense.

  • The decision sparked concerns among labor unions fearing that the decision could set precedent. While Danes in recent years have dreamed of shorter workweeks, the reality may be the opposite in the future—not only in Denmark but in all of Europe.

Ironic decision: The traditional Christian holiday Great Prayer Day dates back to 1686. While the day originally called on self-reflection and even fasting, the meaning of the day has since been watered down. Recently, the day regained meaning as a call for peace—but the Danish government appears to trust in its military.

When it was put on the Statute Book in 1686 it was meant to be a day of prayer, fasting and penitence. Nowadays most Danes associate the Great Prayer Day with hot wheat buns (in Danish: varme hveder). In recent years immigrants have revived the Great Prayer Day (or National Prayer Day) as a day of prayer for the nation and for peace in the world.
—Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

Prophecy says: The Bible reveals that a formidable military superpower will arise out of modern Europe. Daniel 2 reveals that modern Israelite nations will either join this military alliance or be consumed by it. As explained in “Israel’s New Land” in Herbert W. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Denmark descends from the ancient Israelite tribe of Dan (Denmark means “Dan’s mark”).

Ancient Israel rejected God and followed paganism. Many modern Israelites have accepted a false Christianity that accepted the name of Christ but also incorporated many pagan practices. Most recently, these nations have drifted more and more into materialism. The Bible reveals that God will punish the modern descendants of Israel for their sin of breaking the first and great commandment. This punishment will lead to prayer, fasting and true repentance.