East Palestine: Is the Department of Transportation Run by a Communist?

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg delivers remarks to the press at the site of the Norfolk Southern train derailment on February 23 in East Palestine, Ohio.
Michael Swensen/Getty Images

East Palestine: Is the Department of Transportation Run by a Communist?

There is a sinister reason why the current Transportation secretary cares more about pushing a woke agenda than stopping train wrecks.

The residents of East Palestine, Ohio, were forced to evacuate their homes just over three weeks ago when a train derailment caused a toxic chemical spill that filled their air with phosphene gas and their water with vinyl chloride. Yet the Federal Emergency Management Agency refused to help for two weeks, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did not visit for three weeks. Many believe Buttigieg would have never visited the contamination site if Donald Trump did not show up in East Palestine with 13 pallets of clean water.

During his February 22 visit, Trump characterized the Biden administration’s slow response to the toxic train derailment as a “betrayal” and said that he hoped Joe Biden had “some money left over” for the residents of East Palestine after his trip to Ukraine.

Buttigieg spent much of his visit the next day accusing Republicans of spreading misinformation. After arriving in East Palestine, Buttigieg told reporters he did not visit the community sooner because he wanted to grant the National Transportation Safety Board and other federal agencies space to lead the safety work. Yet many residents of East Palestine are still upset that Donald Trump has shown more personal interest in their town’s well-being than any major politician holding federal office.

During his 38 months as Transportation secretary, Buttigieg has shown more interest in pushing a “woke” agenda than improving America’s crumbling infrastructure. Just 10 days after the East Palestine train derailment, Buttigieg told the National Association of Counties Conference that white construction workers were taking jobs from communities of color. Then he suggested that more construction jobs need to go to minorities. Never mind that whites comprise 76 percent of America’s population and only 56 percent of its construction force. In Buttigieg’s mind, racism in America’s construction force is a much bigger priority than explaining why there were 54,539 train derailments from 1990 to 2021, an average of 1,704 per year.

Yet Buttigieg’s interest in complaining about the racial makeup of America’s construction force should not come as a surprise. He was always an unusual choice for transportation secretary. He majored in history and literature at Harvard University, and he worked as a consultant at the Chicago office of McKinsey & Company. He has little experience with supply chains, small businesses or transportation. It is evident that Biden never intended for Buttigieg to fix America’s railroad problems. Biden intended for Buttigieg to use his platform as the first openly homosexual cabinet member in United States history to push a “woke” agenda.

Pete Buttigieg’s father, Joseph Buttigieg, co-translated the three-volume English edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks. This fact is significant as Gramsci is often called the “the godfather of cultural Marxism.”

In Prison Notebooks, Gramsci evaluated Karl Marx’s strategy of violent revolution, government takeover and subsequent withering of the family. He said this method worked only in authoritarian Eastern civilizations like Russia. Since the people of such civilizations already depended on the government, all they needed was a coup d’état to establish a different government. But he argued that in Western republics, the situation was different. People did not depend on the government; they depended on themselves. Even a successful coup d’état against the government would fail to promote income equality because the people would reject it out of their Christian religious beliefs, their cultural notions about limited government, and their attachment to the family. Gramsci argued that Communists must change the culture of these republics.

Joseph Buttigieg loved Gramsci’s ideas and was a founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society. Joseph passed his love for Gramsci to his son Pete, and the current transportation secretary is ignoring literal and figurative train wrecks across America while he works to fundamentally transform America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Like Barack Obama, Pete Buttigieg is no moderate. He was mentored by Communists whose sole intent was to gradually brainwash Americans into accepting state control.

Decades ago, Plain Truth founder Herbert W. Armstrong warned that Communist philosophy would strip America of its blessings—the greatest national blessings ever conferred on any people—not just because socialists outmaneuvered conservatives but because the American people as a whole turned away from God’s law. In particular, he warned that Communist thought would pervert America’s morals, sabotage its educational system, wreck its social structure, destroy its spiritual life, and weaken its economic power.

“Why are our people unable to recognize the Communist line—the Communist plan and conspiracy—in college and university riots, in propaganda accusing ‘police brutality,’ in ‘black power,’ ‘black panther’ and other slogans, even in ‘civil disobedience’ and ‘nonviolent’ movements of protest which lead to violence?” he asked in the March 1969 Plain Truth. “The guiding hand in student revolt is the Communist Party. Many students, their emotions stirred and enraged to violence, do not themselves realize this. Yet actually, these young leaders of the ‘New Left’ movement are going beyond the Communist Party. Their plan is to stir up college-age students to revolt first, and the teenage high school adolescents. If they can corrupt and/or win over tomorrow’s students, they will gain control.”

Mr. Armstrong based his forecast not only on current events but on Bible prophecy. Today, the 1960s New Left student radicals are the leaders of the modern Democratic Party—and we’re not only talking about Pete Buttigieg. These radical leaders are now shifting their party even further left to gain the support of millennials, a demographic that leans overwhelmingly Democrat and even socialist. Their strategy was designed to replace violent revolution with subversive infiltration. Yet Bible prophecies show us that the culture war these radicals have engineered will eventually lead to civil unrest and violent revolution.

To understand the full biblical significance behind the Democratic Party’s dangerous turn left, read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s free reprint article “Communism in America Today.”