Trump Visits East Palestine to Address Concerned Community

Former President Donald Trump gives remarks at the East Palestine Fire Department station on February 22.
Michael Swensen/Getty Images

Trump Visits East Palestine to Address Concerned Community

President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, yesterday, to address the recent train derailment that polluted the local area with toxic chemicals.

He told citizens dealing with the aftermath that they are “not forgotten” and praised the resilience of those who have been hurt by the disaster.

Releasing toxins: Trump called on Norfolk Southern Railroad to “fulfill its responsibilities and obligations” in cleaning up the spill of vinyl chloride, a colorless toxic gas that can cause irritation of the eyes, mucous membranes and lungs. A 2006, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on vinyl chloride found that small doses increased the likelihood of getting liver cancer in lab animals.

Authorities detonated several of the train cars to reduce the risk of explosion, but this released more toxic fumes. The smoke contained phosphine gas, a substance used in chemical weapons.

The Biden administration has done little to address the problem. Instead of visiting Ohio, Joe Biden went to Ukraine. Mr. Trump said he hoped that when Biden “get[s] back from touring Ukraine, that he’s got some money left over.”

‘Blame Trump’: Trump’s opponents are accusing him of using the disaster as a political stunt.

The media condemned Trump for withdrawing an Obama-era proposal that would have placed higher safety regulations on the rail transportation of highly flammable materials. Trains would have been required to have faster brakes and more staff on duty. President Trump believed this would have been an expensive upgrade for these railway companies. As far as we know, the speed at which the train could slow down had nothing to do with the crash.

In response to these allegations, Trump mused, “It’s hard to believe. Every time I see something, I say, when will they blame Trump?”

Learn more: 2 Kings 14:26 prophesies that “bitter affliction” would come on the end-time nations of Israel. This is on display in Ohio. Read “East Palestine, Ohio: Cleanup or Cover-up?” and request a free copy of America Under Attack.