RAF Accused of Discriminating Against White Men

A British parliamentary committee met Wednesday to discuss discrimination in the Royal Air Force (raf). The defense select committee questioned Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston regarding a scandal that broke out a few years ago. The scandal revolves around the raf’s former head of recruitment, Lizzy Nicholl. She resigned in November 2020 in protest claims of “positive discrimination.” Nicholl claimed 160 raf applicants were rejected because they were white men. Wigston denied the charges, but he admitted the raf under him was “stretching aspirational” goals for a more diverse air force.

When a military guts itself: With the war in Ukraine, Europe is facing its biggest conflict since World War ii. The Russian government has publicly toyed with the idea of engaging the West in nuclear war. As one of Europe’s few nuclear states, Britain would be a major target.

Having a strong military means having the most adept soldiers in its ranks. It is a biological fact that men on average have a greater capacity for strength and endurance than women. Yet being male is, apparently according to the raf, a disadvantage.

Allison Pearson wrote in a Telegraph column yesterday:

Nature’s warriors are physically strong, clear-sighted, usually male and, therefore, unlikely to be badly shaken by the news that the British Armed Forces are “predominantly made up of white men.” … When the defense of our nation is actively undermined by the wishful thinking and woke priorities of human resources, you know we are in big trouble. A 5-foot, 4-inch female may speak Gujarati and tick a box, but she simply does not have the aerobic capacity or the weight necessary to be a fighter pilot.

A military prioritizing politics over strength is a major sign of its decline. The recent parliamentary hearing suggests Britain’s military is heading into dark days. Our recent article “Fallen Superpower, Superpower Falling” goes into more detail.