COVID ‘Misinformation’ Blocked on Order of the German Government?

The German government held a secret meeting with United States’ tech companies such as Facebook and Google to stop the spread of “fake news” in June 2020, during the first summer of the coronavirus pandemic. Bild revealed the details in an exclusive report published January 25.

On June 2, 2020, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (bmi) and the German Federal Press Office summoned the top lobbyists from Google and Facebook for confidential talks. The topic of the summit: “The coronavirus pandemic and the spread of misinformation, false information and disinformation observed in this context.” The aim of the meeting was to clarify “how the associated challenge can be fundamentally countered.”

What happened next: We do not know what exactly was agreed on in the meetings. But we do know what happened next: Social networks deleted disagreeable posts and videos by citizens, artists and even scientists because they were allegedly “false” or “fake news.”

Fake news became reality: In a follow-up report, Bild noted, “Time and again, the government and social networks declared certain facts or opinions to be ‘false reports’ or ‘conspiracy theories,’ but subsequently had to concede their positions. Either because the supposed false reports became reality—or because at least serious circumstantial evidence emerged that could not be ignored.”

Vaccine funding: At the same time, as Fortune noted, Germany funded the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine through its partner BioNTech, a German biotechnology company. The European Commission ordered millions of vaccine doses—paid for by taxpayers’ money who were withheld critical information about the virus and the vaccine.

Conflict of interest? If the same entity is behind furthering the development of a vaccine and controlling information about the disease, this would constitute a serious conflict of interest (read: “Running on ‘COVID Money’”).

Controlling speech: There is more we need to understand about Germany’s desire to control what is being said on the Internet. These recent events point to Germany’s long history of suppressing freedom of information and to prophecies about Germany’s rise in the end time. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry covers this topic in detail in “Germany Is Taking Control of the Internet.”