Germany Pressured to Send Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine

“We will also provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 main battle tanks,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said January 25. “It was right and it is right that we did not let ourselves be driven.” But that’s exactly what happened.

The pressure:

  • For months Ukraine has been asking for German Leopard 2 tanks. Germany declined.
  • In early January, France and Poland urged Germany to send the tanks. Seeing Germany’s hesitancy, more and more nations promised their support for Ukraine.
  • On January 17, the United Kingdom announced it would send its Challenger 2 main battle tank.
  • Poland then announced that it may send its Leopard 2 tanks even without Germany’s permission.
  • Germany tried to hide behind the United States not sending Abrams tanks, but yesterday the U.S. announced plans to send Abrams.
  • Germany was left without excuse.

Twelve European countries want to support Ukraine with battle tanks of the type “Leopard 2,” so far they failed because of the blockade attitude of the German chancellor. Now the breakthrough.

Apparent U-turn: It feels like the hundredth such turn of events. When Russia assembled troops around Ukraine, Germany did nothing. After being pressured, it finally committed to sending 5,000 helmets. After more pressure, it sent additional aid. Scholz announced a major U-turn after the invasion—but it turned into a 360 and Germany continued much the same as before. More pressure caused Germany to send infantry fighting vehicles, but the help often came too little, too late.

Delay tactic: We have been here before: Germany makes a big announcement, but nothing much happens and the support comes late and disappoints. Germany has long been Russia’s business partner. The recent announcement has upset Russia, and we can expect Germany to make concessions to please its partner.

Stay tuned: More is going on than we see on the surface. The Bible reveals that Germany is not the friend of the West that it pretends to be. To learn more, read “Germany’s Secret Deal With Russia—Exposed.”