Catholic Priest Burned in Nigeria

In northern Nigeria a Catholic priest was burned to death on Sunday after suspected terrorists set fire to his parish rectory. Pope Francis said on January 18: “I ask all of you to join me in praying for Fr. Isaac Achi of the Diocese of Minna in Northern Nigeria who was killed last Sunday in an attack on his rectory.” A second priest, Fr. Collins Omeh, was shot in the shoulder as he fled the violence and shared what happened with The Pillar.

The bandits, who were about 15 in number, came fully armed and shooting sporadically in the air shouting “Allahu Akbar” [God is great].
—Fr . Collins Omeh

“Allahu Akbar”: One of the last words the priest heard were praise to Allah—in whose name such terrible acts are committed. Nigerians live in fear of crimes and terrorism; religiously motivated attacks on Christians are common, especially in northern Nigeria.

Religious conflict: Catholic Europe has exported Christianity into the Middle East and Africa with the goal to convert the world. This goal, however, clashes with the goals of Islam. Muslims believe the presence of Christian communities in Africa and the Middle East is spiritual poison that needs to be eradicated. While both sides have committed violent acts on the other, radical Islamic terrorist attacks have recently dominated the news.

These attacks are causing Catholic Europe to realize that its religious presence in the Middle East will vanish unless it acts—militarily, if necessary.

The Bible’s view: The Bible reveals the origin of this conflict and where it is leading. While major religions claim to fight for God, the Bible reveals that the whole world has been deceived by Satan (Revelation 12:9). Furthermore, the Bible reveals that this deception will lead to a religious clash between Catholic Europe and radical Islam lead by Iran (Daniel 11:40). This religious clash will directly lead to God’s intervention in mankind’s affairs. Those who hitherto committed violent acts in the name of God will learn to live in peace.

Northern Africa is turning into a battleground with enormously important prophetic implications. … Iran has designs on being the strongest power throughout the region, and is extending its reach throughout North Africa.
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief (“Watch Algeria!”)

To understand where this clash between religions is leading, watch “The Coming Religious War in the Middle East.”