Meet Germany’s New Defense Minister: Boris Pistorius

Following Christine Lambrecht’s resignation yesterday, Germany urgently needed a new appointment to the Defense Ministry. It found one in Boris Pistorius, who will be sworn into office on Thursday.

Pistorius has been the interior minister of Lower Saxony for nine years and has proved to be a man who gets things done. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz hopes he will be able to bring stability to the scandal-ridden ministry. The tasks ahead are enormous.

Qualifications: In Lower Saxony, Pistorius has become acquainted with the needs of domestic security forces, the procurement of equipment, the threats of cybercrime and operational tasks. Pistorius is well educated and experienced. Before studying law in Western Germany, Pistorius completed his military service from 1980 to 1981. This makes him the only one in Scholz’s cabinet who has served.

A friend of Russia: Pistorius took his school-leaving exams in English and Russian. He was “in a relationship” from 2016 to this past summer with Doris Schröder-Köpf, ex-wife of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, a close friend of Putin. In 2018, Pistorius called for a review of European Union sanctions against Russia. He was also a member of the German-Russian Friendship Group.

It seems that this new appointment may well be better for Russia than for Ukraine.

A risky choice: With a full-scale war unfolding on the Continent, security is on everyone’s mind. Pistorius’s appointment could mark a significant shift for Germany. It’s a pretty clear signal from Scholz: He just appointed a pro-Russia defense minister at a crucial juncture in the Ukraine war.

There’s also the chance that Scholz just poured oil on the fire that was the Defense Ministry and could jeopardize his government. Will the new defense minister be able to turn recent scandals into success? An assertive man at the head of a deeply significant ministry could lead to frictions with the chancellor. Will the two be able to overcome potential disagreements? Will the new leadership be able to please international expectations? Many questions remain open.

A trend to watch: The Trumpet watches Germany’s militarization closely. The new appointment could speed up Germany’s hitherto-lacking rearmament. It comes as a direct result of the war in Ukraine. However, the Trumpet expects a strong leader to rise at the very top of Germany and the European conglomerate to bring the changes prophesied in the Bible. We are seeing events leading to the rise of this prophesied strongman. Read: “Ukraine Is Hastening a New Germany.”