German Defense Minister Resigns

After days of rumors, it is now official: German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced her resignation on Monday, January 16. Thus in the most urgent time and during the most seismic shift in German military policy in recent history, the Defense Ministry is headless.

Scandals: Throughout her ministry, Lambrecht has been criticized for not being up to the challenge of leading Germany’s defense department. She will go down in history for her infamous decision to send Ukraine a mere 5,000 helmets in “support” as Russia amassed heavy weaponry and tens of thousands of soldiers around its border.

Finding a successor: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz accepted her resignation and a spokesperson said he intends to hold to his commitment of “gender parity” among ministers. This means Lambrecht will likely be replaced by another woman, or the cabinet will need to be reshuffled.

Lack of urgency: The German government has been criticized for not responding to the urgent times of the largest war on the Continent since World War ii. Scholz’s promise to dramatically boost the German military and to send more support to Ukraine has fallen short of expectations. Many have pinned the problem not on Lambrecht but directly on the chancellor. There is no sign that Scholz will deliver on his promises with a different defense minister, but the pressure on the German government is growing.

Significant date: As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry points out in his booklet January 16: God’s Miracle Day, God causes major events to happen on January 16 to remind the world of the work of His servant Herbert W. Armstrong, who died on this day in 1986. Mr. Armstrong warned for decades that Germany would rise militarily. After Russia invaded Ukraine, it is clear that this military rise is imminent. But it is also clear that Germany will need a different leadership to fulfill this task. Lambrecht’s resignation on this day, after months of turmoil, suggests that this change of leadership is imminent.

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