China’s New ‘Wolf Warrior’ Foreign Minister

China appointed Qin Gang as its new minister of Foreign Affairs on December 30, replacing Wang Yi who served as foreign minister for nearly a decade.

  • Qin is said to have a close relationship with Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping. As director of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qin has aided Xi on multiple overseas visits with foreign leaders.
  • Qin has also served as vice minister of Foreign Affairs and as China’s ambassador to the United States.

“Wolf warrior” diplomacy: A term coined after a Chinese action film, a “wolf warrior” is a Chinese diplomat who will aggressively pursue Chinese hegemony and combat all criticism of the Chinese government.

Qin Gang was given this nickname after he made multiple bold statements as the Foreign Ministry spokesman defending China’s foreign policy.

  • Qin has accused Western media of being responsible for deteriorating China’s image and routinely making China the victim.
  • Qin justifies his retorts by saying that China has a right to defend itself against “slander” and “crazy attacks.”

“[Qin’s] ascension is further evidence that Xi intends to surround himself with people whose careers and interests are directly tied to the Chinese president,” said Kevin Nealer, a former member of the U.S. President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Times of the Gentiles: China’s boldness is pushing the world toward an age the Bible calls “the times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24), when ruthless and power-hungry leaders will dominate global power. This is a time that “[m]en’s hearts will be failing them for fear” (verse 26), because these Gentile leaders will have uncontested dominance.

Foreign Minister Qin’s wolf warrior-style leadership will help China, along with other Gentile nations, fulfill this prophecy.

These “times of the Gentiles” are yet to be fully realized. However, we are in the outer edges of this catastrophic storm. … China’s actions prove that Gentiles are rising to power before our eyes! And this is just one of many Gentile nations growing more aggressive on the world scene.
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief

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