Netanyahu Successfully Forms Coalition

“Thanks to the great public support that we received in the last elections, I’m informing you that I can form a government, which will work for all the citizens of Israel,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday. The procedure is a necessary step in Israel’s parliamentary system before his newly elected government is sworn in and policy action can begin.

Israel has had four elections in the last five years. It has been plagued by instability and inconsistency. But the Netanyahu-led coalition won convincingly in last month’s elections, giving him an outright majority and the mandate to form what many consider the most conservative government in Israel’s history.

  • Five of the six parties in the coalition are religious conservatives committed to security, safety and stability, something that clearly resonated with voters.

There is still work to be done. Coalition agreements need to be completed with all partners before sealing the deal with a vote of confidence in parliament. But yesterday’s news shows that this will likely just be a formality as Netanyahu returns to power.

The Trumpet said: Until this last election, radical elements within Israel had been thriving, advancing an anti-Israel agenda. The election itself was very close and could have easily turned out very differently. Is it possible that God was involved in Israel’s last election? And could something similar happen in the United States? To understand the full picture, read our article “Bibi Is Back” from our latest Trumpet magazine.