Russia and China to Perform Naval Drills

Russian warships are en route to the East China Sea to hold naval drills with the Chinese Navy from December 21 to 27.

The main purpose of the exercises is to strengthen naval cooperation between Russia and China, and maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
—Russian Defense Ministry

  • Russia will provide its Varyag missile cruiser, the Marshal Shaposhnikov destroyer and two corvettes from its Pacific Fleet.
  • China says it will supply a submarine as well as multiple surface warships.
  • Both sides will provide fixed-winged aircraft and helicopters.

Russia and China routinely hold joint naval drills, but this year’s exercise will be located in the East China Sea. This will put their joint forces in the vicinity of North Korea, South Korea and Japan, where tensions have been agitated in recent months.

Prophecy says: Prophecies in Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation say Russia and China are going to be the two chief superpowers in an end-time alliance of Asian nations called “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12). Our booklet Russia and China in Prophecy explains that this alliance will include Japan and Korea:

Watch for the East Asian alliances to develop economically and militarily. Watch for coming agreements between Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and others to harness the maverick North Korea and muscle the U.S. out of Oriental diplomacy in Korea and Taiwan.

By holding drills in the waters near the coasts of Japan and Korea, the firepower of Russia and China are on full display for their Asian neighbors. At present, the democratic nations of Japan and Korea are deeply fearful of the increasingly aggressive Russia-China authoritarian axis. But we expect these nations to be absorbed into that bloc.