Introducing Europe’s New Eastern Superpower?

Poland is quickly arming because of the Ukraine war.

  • As of August, Poland has purchased 1,230 tanks from the United States and South Korea. This will give Poland the largest tank fleet among European nato members.
  • The Polish military currently has more tanks and howitzers than Germany, Central Europe’s traditional military heavyweight.
  • Warsaw aims to increase its troop numbers to 300,000. This would make Poland the third-largest contributor of personnel in nato, after the United States and Turkey.
  • Poland intends to raise its target defense spending to 5 percent of its gross domestic product. It currently spends 2.4 percent.

The changes to Poland’s military are so massive and drastic that Politico last month called Poland “Europe’s coming military superpower.”

Poland in prophecy: One trend the Trumpet focuses on is European militarization. The Bible prophesies Europe will transform from the disunited mess it is today into a global military superpower (learn more). We expect Germany to be the lead nation in this forming power bloc. But that doesn’t mean other countries won’t have a role in this coming superpower. The Bible specifically states this new Europe will be formed by “ten kings”—dictators—pooling their resources into one superstate (Revelation 17:12-13).

One of these 10 kings could very well be Polish.

To learn more, read our January 2018 Trumpet article “Introducing Europe’s Eastern Strongmen.” Some of the personalities mentioned have since left office, but the principles it is based on remain. Also read our Trends article “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified Military.”