Erdoğan Threatens Total War on Kurds in Syria and Iraq

Turkish jets bombed military positions in Iraq and Syria over the weekend. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan indicated that this may just be the beginning of a large-scale war against the Kurds, a group of independent people settled in the area.

For a few days now, we have been breathing down the terrorists’ necks with our planes, guns and armed drones. As soon as possible, God willing, together with our tanks, soldiers and companions, we will wipe them all out.

Competent authorities, our Defense Ministry and chief of staff will together decide the level of force that should be used by our ground forces. We make our consultations and then we take our steps accordingly.
—Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

  • The escalation came after a bomb blast on November 13 in Istanbul that Turkey blamed on the Kurdistan Workers Group and affiliated Syrian Kurdish groups.

A conflict with America: The Kurds whom Turkey seeks to push away from its borders have been allied with the United States in an effort to oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. The U.S., however, is losing strength in the region as Iran and Turkey both strategically attack the Kurds.

Jerusalem Post noted in “As Turkey Gears Up for Syria, Iraq Invasion, Can the U.S. Stop Them?”:

Turkey’s policy in Syria is not just about attacking Kurds; it is also about reducing the U.S.’s role in Syria.

That means Ankara’s real conflict is partly with the U.S. and that Washington is the only powerful country that might reasonably prevent another Turkish invasion. …

The U.S. will have to use pressure to stop a new invasion, but the war in Ukraine makes this difficult. Turkey has positioned itself as a guarantor of the Ukraine grain deal and as an energy hub for Russia.

Though Turkey is a member of nato and appears to help the U.S. in opposing Russia’s aggressions, it is bringing its own demands to the table.

Prophecy says: The Bible reveals that the United States will lose this battle over control of the Middle East and that a new alliance will control the region. Read “How the Syrian Crisis Will End,” by Gerald Flurry, to learn how this alliance is forming.