The Election Has to Be Repeated—in Berlin

Elections held in September 2021 in Berlin for the House of Representatives and the district councils were invalid, the Berlin Constitutional Court declared on Wednesday, November 16.

  • Everything went wrong in federal election on Sept. 26, 2021, in Berlin, which erupted in chaos.
  • Long lines or too few ballot boxes prevented people from voting.
  • Ballots were marked incorrectly, went missing or were hastily copied.

The judge judged: The preparations had been so inadequate that the success of the election was jeopardized even before it was held. The resulting problems could have affected the composition of the state parliament.

  • The elections must be repeated: Berlin citizens need to vote again.

National importance: On the same day, Berliners, like all Germans, voted for a new national parliament. The German Bundestag decided last week that a total of 431 Berlin constituencies need to cast their first and second votes again for this election. This decision may still be altered by the Federal Constitutional Court, but could affect the current German parliament and even cause Germany’s Left party to lose its seats.

It is a low point for the reputation of Berlin in Germany and the world.
—Stefan Evers, secretary general of the Christian Democratic Union

An example for the U.S.? Various states in the United States saw similar or even greater turmoil on Election Day 2020 and in the recent midterm elections. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has speculated based on a prophecy in Amos 7 that America’s Supreme Court may intervene, like Berlin’s court did.

The trend: More and more people are losing trust in democracy. For Europe, this leads to the fulfillment of a very specific prophecy. Read: “Europe: Ripe for Rising Demagogues.”