Russia Is Committing Genocide

Russia has been accused of deporting Ukrainian citizens to Russia, many of them children. A report by Amnesty International labels this as war crimes.

“This report is about family tragedies. It’s about families being split apart, about children being split from their parents, about fathers having to be separated. It’s about wives losing their husbands. This report is about the forced transfer, forced deportation of Ukrainians into Russian-held territories, into Russia itself.”
Agnes Callamard, secretary general of Amnesty International

  • According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, 2,389 Ukrainian children were moved to Russia by March 22 this year.
  • By May 26, the number was 100 times that: 238,329, Ukrinform reported.
  • On May 30, Vladimir Putin signed a decree that streamlined the process of giving Russian citizenship to Ukrainian children.

“By his decree, Vladimir Putin actually legalized the abduction of children from the territory of Ukraine.”
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

This is genocide: According to the 1948 Genocide Convention, genocide can include “forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Russian United Nations Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya said these accusations were “unfounded.” The Russian government and media are feeding their people a far different narrative.

Russian reasoning: According to ria Novosti, a Russian state-owned news agency:

[A] significant number of common [Ukrainian] people are also guilty of being passive Nazis and Nazi accomplices. … The further denazification of this bulk of the population will take the form of reeducation through ideological repressions (suppression) of Nazi paradigms and a harsh censorship not only in the political sphere but also in the spheres of culture and education.

Ukrainian author Mariia Kravchenko translated the article quoted above. She explained:

Russians state the facts about cities that were destroyed and civilians that were tortured and murdered. … However, they claim that it was the Ukrainian Army that committed all these war crimes.

Vladimir Putin is trying to put a righteous label on his horrific war crimes. The Trumpet has been warning about this evil man for many years.

“Leaders of the United States and Britain appear willfully blind to the nature of Vladimir Putin. … This man is a killer. He needs to be feared and respected. He is changing the course of history.”
—Brad Macdonald, “Fear This Man”

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