Secret Report About the Infamous National Socialist Underground Revealed

German comedian Jan Böhmermann published a secret paper from Hesse’s domestic intelligence agency about a far-right group. This document was originally meant to be classified for 120 years.

Conspiracy or incompetence: The National Socialist Underground (nsu) was a neo-Nazi terrorist group behind at least 10 murders between 2000 and 2007. Germany’s intelligence services helped the nsu carry out its attacks. They claim this was incompetence; others fear it was deliberate. Böhmermann showed that investigators wrongly accused foreigners for the murders, paid the bills of neo-Nazis, and were present at one murder scene.

Investigating the investigators: Authorities produced a report on the scandal in 2014. It was kept secret until 2017. Originally it was scheduled for release in 2134—that’s right, over a century from now. Calls for transparency only brought that date forward to 2044.

The revelations: FragDenStaat and Böhmermann’s zdf Magazin Royale published the secret report with some parts blacked out. It reveals little new information, as critical documents are missing from the report itself. Over 200 pieces of relevant files have vanished.

Still relevant: In 2019, Kassel district president Walter Lübcke was shot by Stephan Ernst, who was known to the intelligence service since at least 2009. Have the intelligence service’s actions allowed the killings to continue?

The bigger picture: Evidence shows that Germany’s Nazi underground movement is much bigger than a string of individual right-wing extremists.

“There are now mounds of concrete, indisputable evidence that German business leaders, intelligence operatives, soldiers, politicians and civil servants all went underground after World War ii,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in “Rising From the German Underground.” Revelation 17:8 prophesies that the underground will again rise in our day. The corruption and secrecy in Germany’s agencies provide evidence that this prophecy is about to come to pass.