Illegal Immigration to Germany Spikes

The influx of illegal refugees into Germany is again drastically rising—but officials appear to have covered it up. Manuel Ostermann from the German Police Trade Union told Bild that the most recent figures are missing. The monthly report on the federal police intranet has been interrupted since the beginning of September—just when the numbers started to explode.

The numbers: In February, 3,842 illegal refugees entered Germany. In June, the Federal Police recorded 6,667 illegal entries, and in September as many as 12,701. The numbers are estimated to have risen to 15,000 in October, Bild reported October 31.

A reminder: While not comparable to the 2015–16 refugee crisis, the influx is a reminder of the volatile situation and Europe’s vulnerability. The government’s attempt to play down the crisis some years ago led to its demise and the rise of far-right parties in Germany.

A trend to watch: The fear of terrorism and a societal divide is moving Germany like almost no other. But attempting to hide the problem is just increasing fears and a demand for new leadership. The prophetic outcome of the crisis is explained in “Germany, Migrants and the Big Lie.”