4,000 Italians Celebrate Mussolini With the Fascist Salute

Around 4,000 Italians gathered in Predappio, northern Italy, the birthplace of Benito Mussolini, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his dictatorship. Mussolini’s great-granddaughter said, “After 100 years, we are still here to pay homage to the man this state wanted and whom we will never stop admiring.”

The crowds were filmed cheering “Duce, Duce, Duce,” which means “leader” (the Italian World War ii equivalent to the German word “führer”). Besides wearing black shirts and raising fascist flags, the crowd also raised the fascist salute in unison, which infamously connected Italy with Nazi Germany.

Not just a fringe: Many attendees are supportive of the newly inaugurated Italian government, led by Giorgia Meloni. Though Meloni and her party have connections to Italy’s fascist movement, she has publicly distanced herself from that past.

“I would have voted for Lucifer if he could beat the left. I am happy there is a Meloni government, because there is nothing worse than the Italian left. It is not the government that reflects my ideas, but it is better than nothing.”
—Mirko Santarelli, anniversary march organizer

Prophecy says: Mussolini ruled Italy for 21 years, but his political heritage lives on to this day. The Bible reveals that the same fascist spirit will once again rise from the underground (Revelation 17). Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has written a detailed analysis on this prophecy and how it applies to current affairs. Learn more: Read “Fascism Reawakens in Italy.”