Expedited: U.S. Rushing New Nuclear Bombs to Europe

A United States diplomatic cable has revealed that upgraded B61-12 nuclear bombs are scheduled to arrive in Europe in December instead of next spring, Politico reported October 26.

The upgrade: The new bombs have greater precision and their explosive power is adjustable. The option of detonating a “small” bomb could lower the inhibition of starting a nuclear war.

Short-term concern: Some fear Russia could respond by using this as an excuse to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Who is affected? Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey have access to these weapons as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization nuclear-sharing agreement.

Watch Germany: German personnel train for nuclear strikes every year in nato war exercises. After Russia expanded its invasion of Ukraine this spring, Germany announced a massive $100 billion increase in military spending, including the purchase of American-made F-35 warplanes, which can carry the upgraded B61-12. The United States has emphasized the danger of nuclear threats from Russia and potentially Iran, yet at the same time it has prepared World War ii enemies Germany and Italy to use its own nuclear weapons. The danger of doing so remains overlooked and unmentioned.

“Germany and Italy—America’s bitter enemies in World War ii—are ready to wage nuclear war with bombs that belong to the United States! … We want to trust Germany, but history screams that we shouldn’t!”
Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief

Prophecy says: Ezekiel 23 forecasts that the descendants of ancient Israel, which include the U.S., will trust in their “lovers.” “God has a strong view about cozying up to such ‘lovers’!” Mr. Flurry wrote in “America’s Naive Trust in Germany.” “It is a matter of trust. America has no trust in God for protection, so it is trusting another nation—in this case, one with a terrifying history!”

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