Dictatorship Cemented in China

Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s unprecedented third term became official on October 23. This positions him to continue his rigid control of the Chinese population with his disastrous “zero-covid” policy. According to the Barcelona Institute of Global Health, the purpose of the policy is “control and maximum suppression” of the covid virus. To control and suppress covid transmissions, the government must control and suppress the people. More evidence indicates this is Xi’s true goal.

“The government cannot stop this insane policy because the top-down leadership in China has decided that this isn’t just about covid anymore. No. This is about control.”
—Matthew Tye, China analyst

Surveillance tech: One way Xi has implemented this policy is a nationwide Health Code System App. Before entering any market, public building or park, each citizen must scan a personalized QR code.

  • Only if the individual has received a negative covid test within the past 48 to 72 hours and their code is green can they enter.
  • If the code is yellow or red—meaning the citizen has either not taken a covid test within the past week, has been in proximity to someone else who tested positive, or has tested positive themselves—the person can be denied access to these services.

“The zero-covid policies and lockdowns make it so that people are followed every step of their lives. It’s completely transformed 1.4 billion people into data that can be manipulated and shut down at any moment.”
—Matthew Tye

Extreme measures: Officials take extreme measures to quarantine infected or potentially contagious individuals.

  • One 6-year-old boy who tested positive was placed in quarantine, as well as 400 of his personal contacts.
  • Authorities then went after citizens who were in close contact with the boy’s contacts. They even locked down an entire ikea store that one individual visited, forcibly barricading the door as citizens scrambled to escape.
  • 83,000 people connected to the 6-year-old were tested, but only the boy’s results came back positive.

In a 2020 article, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote, “Throughout history, China has often taken on an expansionist policy to conquer, destroy, subdue and enslave people. In recent years, the United States has acted like China has changed, but that same policy is materializing again, stronger than ever.” This is proved even by the way Xi Jinping treats his own citizens.

Prophecy says: Luke 21 prophesies of an era called the “times of the Gentiles,” so tumultuous and chaotic that there will be “distress of nations, with perplexity,” and “[m]en’s hearts failing them for fear” (verses 24-26). The Bible uses “Gentiles” to refer to any nation not descended from the patriarch Abraham’s grandson, Israel. Modern Israelites include the Jewish nation named Israel, but also the United States, Britain and others. Here in Luke 21, Christ is prophesying of a time when non-Israelite nations will dominate world events. This will not be a peaceful age, but a time of much woe. Many people will “fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive” (verse 24).

The Bible calls these Gentile leaders “great beasts” (Daniel 7:3).

“God calls these leaders beasts for a reason! Yet people don’t believe God. Somehow, the leaders of Israel think our modern world has evolved beyond that evil nature. In reality, we haven’t even seen the most savage of these beasts! The worst times of the Gentiles are yet ahead of us!”
—Gerald Flurry

Radical control by dictators like Xi Jinping will intensify in the short term, prophecy warns. To better understand the “times of the Gentiles,” read Mr. Flurry’s article “The Climax of Man’s Rule Over Man.”