Israel Upgrades German Jets

Military jet aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon in military airport in Poznan, Poland

Israel Upgrades German Jets

Israel will help Germany upgrade its fighter jets, according to a deal signed between Israel’s Rafael and Germany’s Hensoldt in Tel Aviv, October 18.

The Sky Shield: Germany will soon equip some of its Eurofighter Typhoons with Rafael’s Sky Shield electronic warfare pod. This is a small device that detects enemy radar signals and where they are coming from. Once located, these enemy antiaircraft stations can be destroyed. If enemy missiles are heading toward the German aircraft, the Sky Shield can also help jam their signals or send them chasing after a decoy.

Hensoldt will add its Kalaetron Attack jammer, which uses the latest technology, to jam even the most modern radar signals. The new system should be ready by 2028.

Upshot: With Israeli help, Germany is making its aircraft harder to spot and shoot down.

Why Israel? Israel has advanced military technologies due to the constant threats around it. It also works closely with the United States and others—giving it access to the latest technology from other countries.

Why help Germany? Besides profit, Israel hopes to win a long-term ally. Iran, currently one of Israel’s greatest threats, is pursuing nuclear weapons. Germany has promised to stand at Israel’s side.

Prophecy says: An end-time prophecy in Daniel 11:40-45 shows that modern Germany will smash the enemies of Israel. But that’s not the whole story: The Bible also specifically prophesies that the Jews will trust in Germany—and that this temporary cooperation will end in a double cross. The fact that Israel is helping Germany with these sophisticated electronic warfare systems shows that it trusts Germany. Learn more about these prophecies in Chapter 3 of Jerusalem in Prophecy.