Afghanistan: A Legacy of Treason and Dishonor

Afghan people climb atop a plane as they wait at the Kabul airport in Kabul on August 16, 2021
WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images

Afghanistan: A Legacy of Treason and Dishonor

One year since the ‘worst foreign-policy disaster’ in American history

It was only one year ago that the world saw Zabi Rezayee plummet to his death after clinging to the side of a United States CF-17 transport aircraft as it took off from Afghanistan. The 17-year-old and four others, including his 19-year-old brother Zaki, were trying to escape the country as the Taliban regained control. Zabi’s father found pieces of his son on the runway in Kabul and buried him; he did not find Zaki. Others fell on top of houses in Kabul, and one body was crushed in the landing gear and recovered in Qatar.

This happened at the peak of the chaos and desperation that swept through Afghanistan as the United States conducted a disastrous and hasty withdrawal from the country. In April 2021, Joe Biden announced all American troops would be withdrawn by September 11, blindsiding allies who had troops and foreign nationals there. On July 5, the U.S. left the strategic Bagram airfield in the middle of the night, not even telling the Afghan commander. As the U.S. withdrew, the Taliban went on the offensive.

In less than a month, the Taliban went from controlling some periphery provinces to closing in on the capital. Many of the Afghan troops, seeing they had no American support, fled to Iran. On Aug. 10, 2021, the White House said a Taliban takeover was not inevitable. Biden promised there wouldn’t be a Saigon moment, when U.S. personnel were airlifted from the roof of the embassy as the enemy closed in. Only five days later, that very scenario played out in Kabul, in the same humiliating fashion as Saigon.

The U.S. troops were confined by presidential order to stay within the airport compound as thousands of American citizens and Afghans who worked closely with the Americans rushed to the airport gates to try to escape. Desperate mothers passed their infants over crowds to troops on the compound wall. Several infants died in the Concertina wire on either side of the wall.

In the final days, the U.S. shared biometric data with the Taliban, trusting them to bring Americans to the airport. On August 26, two bombs went off outside the airport in the dense crowds, killing 13 marines and 169 Afghans. In response, Biden authorized a drone strike that killed 10 innocent Afghans, mostly children. On August 30, the last U.S. transport plane left Afghanistan, leaving behind over 9,000 American citizens and $80 billion in military equipment, which the Department of Defense now claims was worth only $7 billion.

As this debacle unfolded last year, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in the October 2021 issue: “This has been the worst foreign-policy disaster in the nation’s history. This terrible defeat was a spectacle seen by the entire world—and they were watching intently! It will mar our history, perhaps for the rest of time.” One year later, Afghanistan, America and the world are suffering the disastrous ripple effects of this shameful surrender. This one event changed the world, and it was deliberately designed to do exactly that.

Return to Barbarism

The nation that has suffered the most is Afghanistan. It has reverted back to barbarism and is on the verge of complete collapse. Mr. Flurry wrote that the withdrawal “sent an unmistakable message to both allies and enemies worldwide: America does not keep its promises. We do not honor commitments. We cannot be trusted even to protect our own people! Now, millions of people are going to be greatly persecuted and killed. Children and women are going to be abused, raped and murdered.” This is exactly what has happened.

As soon as the Taliban had control, they began beating people in the streets for violating sharia law. People were publicly executed in cricket stadiums, and bodies were hung from cranes as a warning. The worse violations have been against women. The New Statesman reported: “Women’s rights have sharply regressed. Contrary to the Taliban’s promises before the takeover, women and girls have mostly been prevented from receiving an education, just as they were during the 1990s.” Forced marriages and sex slavery have returned. Women and girls, as young as 15, have been taken as “war brides” for Taliban fighters. In a few cases, girls as young as 1 are being sold off as future brides for men.

The Afghan economy has also collapsed. The New Statesman continued: “Afghanistan’s economy has collapsed in the year since the takeover. International aid, which before the takeover was worth almost half of the country’s gdp [gross domestic product] and funded three quarters of public spending, has dried up. … The World Bank estimates that Afghanistan’s gdp has dropped by between 20 and 30 percent over the past year.” Currently 90 percent of Afghans live in poverty. Most live daily with critical food and basic necessity shortages, and the threat of famine is constant. Some are being forced to sell their children into slavery for money to survive.

Joe Biden promised that al Qaeda would never return, but within the last few weeks a U.S. drone strike killed the leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, while he was in a safe house in Kabul. U.S. intelligence also discovered several terrorist groups building training camps in Afghanistan. Once again, the country is a terrorism hot spot.

Twenty years of U.S. influence has been washed away in a matter of months, and with it the hopes and dreams of the Afghan people.

Death Throes of a Superpower

Another deadly ripple effect is how the defeat signaled the end of the American superpower. “America is not just declining, it is in the last throes of death,” Mr. Flurry wrote. “It is being destroyed before our eyes. Many are now in open despair. This Afghanistan disaster is the worst evidence ever of how the United States has collapsed as a superpower!” It is no surprise that after this debacle the enemies of America sprung into action. Victor Davis Hanson pointed this out in “How to Erode the World’s Greatest Military”:

The global aftermath was eerie. Russia in a few months thereafter invaded Ukraine. Iran proudly announced it would soon have enough fissionable material to make a nuclear weapon. North Korea resumed its provocative missile launches. China openly talked of storming Taiwan.

The common denominator was the global perception that any president and military responsible for such colossal, televised incompetence would or could neither deter enemy aggression nor protect allied interests.

Top military and government officials in Europe remarked that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Afghanistan had not occurred. Many nations around the world have been strategizing for decades to undermine America as the leading nation. Afghanistan was a green light for Russia, China, Iran and Germany to take the offensive and take advantage of weak leadership.

This has even impacted recruitment in the U.S. Armed Forces, as nearly every major branch faces a shortage. Afghanistan is a black stain on the prestige and reputation of the armed forces, and many Americans are choosing not to serve. It shook Americans’, and the soldiers’, faith in their leadership and their patriotism.

To this day, none of the leaders responsible for the debacle have been held to account. All of them still have their jobs. The only individuals to lose their jobs were those who criticized the Biden administration for its decision and implementation.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has sparked the formation of a new world order where America is no longer the head but quickly becoming the tail.

The Legacy of Obama

The most important point to remember from this anniversary is why it happened. This is a truth you will only find at the Trumpet. Mr. Flurry explained the real reason this disastrous withdrawal occurred, writing: “Many people say it proves Joe Biden’s incompetence. But this catastrophe isn’t the result of bungling and bad judgment. It is a deliberate, planned effort to destroy America. … This is not mere incompetence. It is calculated destruction. It is treachery!”

The bitter fruits Afghanistan, America and the world have been tasting over this past year are the fruits of treason. This destruction will be the legacy of the radical-left leadership of the United States, led by Barack Obama.

This somber anniversary is a reminder of the ultimate motive of the Biden administration, which is really Obama’s third term: to undermine U.S. power abroad. These radical Communists want to “blot out the name of Israel,” as the Bible says in 2 Kings 14:27. They attack anything that gives America power and influence. America’s position as a superpower was given as a blessing from God, and the radical left wants to abase America on the world stage and empower its enemies. This is treason. It is the reason behind this foreign policy of destruction.

This history is important to remember. It is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and a reminder that only the Bible can truly explain what is going on inside America and the world right now. To prove all of this, please read Mr. Flurry’s newly expanded book America Under Attack.