50-Year Anniversary of the Watergate Scandal

President Richard Nixon sits in his office at the White House in 1974.
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50-Year Anniversary of the Watergate Scandal

The real history of the plot that brought down a duly elected president

When President Richard Nixon resigned on Aug. 9, 1974, the entire world thought a corrupt president had been caught committing a crime. Nixon allegedly tried to undermine the opposing political party and obstructed a fair investigation; the establishment in Washington, D.C., had saved American democracy. But nearly everything presented about this famous scandal was a lie.

Over the past 50 years, more evidence has emerged exposing the real Watergate scandal. Two books in particular completely deconstruct the media narrative and present the unvarnished facts: Secret Agenda, by Jim Hougan (1984), and The Real Watergate Scandal, by Geoff Shepard (2015).

Watergate attracts attention because of the intrigue and mysteriousness of the events, and it is easy to become bogged down in the minutia and personalities of the key players. Keeping a big picture overview is key to understanding why Watergate happened. Revisiting the Watergate scandal today is important because it actually illuminates what is happening in the United States right now.

On June 13, 1971, the New York Times published the leaked Pentagon Papers, which exposed state secrets on the Vietnam War. President Nixon formed the White House Special Investigations Unit, called the Plumbers, to investigate the leaks. This group would continue to work for Nixon through 1972, when he was running for reelection. In May 1972, the Plumbers broke into the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters at the Watergate building in Washington, D.C., to place wiretaps and steal documents. The wiretaps didn’t work, so the group broke in again on June 17, 1972—and they were caught red-handed. Nixon denied involvement, but within a matter of days the Plumbers were found to be connected to Nixon. After Nixon’s reelection victory, steps were taken to cover up the crimes, but a whistleblower told the Washington Post that Nixon arranged the burglary to gain an advantage over the Democrats in the 1972 presidential election. A special prosecutor was appointed, and a Senate select committee was formed to investigate. The investigators eventually turned on Nixon, and in July 1974 the Supreme Court ordered him to hand over audiotapes of conversations in the Oval Office. The media and federal judge saw one tape as the “smoking gun,” proof that Nixon was obstructing justice. Congress was set to impeach Nixon for several crimes, and the Senate likely would have indicted the president. Nixon resigned three days after handing over the tapes. Seven of Nixon’s aides were indicted, and many served significant jail time.

The real story is stranger than fiction. Nixon was framed by the Central Intelligence Agency, which had infiltrated the Plumbers and Nixon’s inner circle to make it look as though he were plotting to cheat in the 1972 election. The Federal Bureau of Investigation then buried evidence favorable to Nixon and doctored evidence that was incriminating. The “whistleblower” fed sensationalized, fake information to the media to build a false narrative, while the federal judiciary and prosecutors conspired to incriminate Nixon during the trial. It was the perfect setup: Every agency and branch of government were united in pulling off a coup d’etat against a duly elected president.

That’s a big claim against people working across many different organizations. But there is evidence to support it.

To understand what really happened, we must ask: Why did Nixon want the Plumbers to break into dnc headquarters? Was he trying to gain an advantage in the 1972 election, or did he have another motive?

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in his booklet Great Again:

President Nixon was a staunch opponent of communism, and the left hated him for it. … I remember hearing educator Dr. Herman Hoeh making this point in 1980. He said that President Nixon actually had come to recognize a conspiracy to work Communists into the New Left in America, and that he broke it up. “And for that,” Hoeh said, “he was driven out of the presidency because a part of his plan involved preventing the far left from capturing the Democratic Party. And hence, Watergate. That’s all a part of the story that most people don’t realize. Watergate was not an attempt to see who was at some party of the Democratic headquarters; it was far more serious.” More evidence emerged recently backing up this view of what actually happened in the Watergate scandal.

Nixon was not trying to cheat to win reelection. He was trying to expose the Communist infiltration of the Democratic Party.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong warned in 1956 of a Communist infiltration of the U.S. that had started at the universities and would spread to the government. Its goal was to undermine the Constitution of the United States. Watergate shows that, by the 1970s, the Communists were winning control of every major institution.

Nixon gained notoriety for bringing down the famous Soviet spy Alger Hiss. “Alger Hiss was educated at Harvard Law School,” continues Mr. Flurry. “He clerked for Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and was even in the delegation at the Yalta Conference where Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin divided up Europe. Through Hiss, the Communists were actually penetrating the Truman administration; he was in high places in the State Department.”

Shepard recounts how the radical-left elite hated Nixon for bringing down Hiss, whom they saw as “one of their own”: a Communist educated at Harvard.

By 1972, Shepard records, these radicals had gained control of the special prosecutor’s office and weaponized it against Nixon. Hougan exposes in his book Secret Agenda that it appears the radical left had also gained control of the cia. As the scandal unfolded, the media framed the story to make Nixon look like an architect of lawlessness while ignoring the other facts of the case.

Hougan explains how two of the Plumbers, E. Howard Hunt and James McCord, were longtime cia informants and had questionable loyalty to Nixon. It appears the cia had its own agenda in infiltrating the president’s investigation of the dnc, and it used these two men to undermine Nixon’s plan to stop the Communists. The cia used contacts within the Secret Service to spy on Nixon in the Oval Office; they were privy to all the confidences of the administration. Carl Rosen wrote at RealClearPolitics, “Consequently, the role of the Central Intelligence Agency in Watergate is now widely understood as deeper—more entrenched, controlling, and malign—than was known in 1974” (emphasis added).

The fbi led the investigation of the break-in, and its findings were confidential except to members of the Senate select committee. This same committee coached Nixon’s aides during depositions to make their testimony seem as incriminating to Nixon as possible. The fbi uncovered the cia involvement, discovered the Democrats had planted a false wiretap in the Watergate office to try to incriminate the president, and found out that the Plumbers were about to expose a prostitution ring connected to the dnc and members of the Washington elite. Hougan reveals that the Senate committee ignored these key fbi findings that would have shifted the focus off of Nixon. On top of this, the famous whistleblower feeding the Washington Post insider information was the deputy director of the fbi, Mark Felt, who handpicked information to put Nixon in the worst light, while suppressing the “deep state” involvement in the scandal. The fbi buried these details in a 30,000-page document.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein at the Washington Post became the drivers of the fake media narrative about Watergate and would later win a Pulitzer Prize for their “investigative journalism.” The Senate select committee, the fbi and cia knew the truth, but were committed to crucifying Nixon instead of looking at the documents the Plumbers had uncovered (which to this day only the cia has), the prostitution ring, or how the dnc planted false evidence. If these details were known to the public, the outcome might have changed. Hougan writes: “This [cia involvement], in turn, obscured the issue of presidential guilt and, in doing so, threatened Nixon’s ouster. In a sense, therefore, the Democrats and the press were as much opponents of a full investigation of the Watergate affair as was the White House itself. … The scandal was a potential embarrassment to both parties.” In fact, Nixon could have eventually exposed the radical left before it was fully entrenched.

“In the United States, we have had ‘Watergate,’” wrote Mr. Armstrong in the February 1974 Plain Truth Personal. “Almost the entire news media have done everything in their power to put President Richard Nixon out of the presidency. They have tried him, without a scrap of actual proof but with every possible question and inference of guilt. They have influenced many millions. They have featured with great emphasis every possible question as to doubts and every opinion as to alleged presidential guilt, while minimizing back on page 17 or 33 every item in the president’s favor.” The witch hunt took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that Nixon recorded all conversations in the Oval Office.

The smoking gun was a June 23, 1972, audio tape that appeared to catch Nixon approving a plan to obstruct the fbi investigation of the Watergate case. The tape seemed to imply that White House Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman had proposed that Nixon ask the cia to tell the fbi to stop the investigation. On July 24, 1974, the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon had to produce the tapes being demanded by the special prosecutor, Judge John Sirica, and the Senate committee. Shepard, who was deputy defense counsel for Nixon, writes in his book The Real Watergate Scandal: “Four decades later, I’ve begun to appreciate what the real tragedy was. In one of the ultimate ironies of political history, it appears that the smoking-gun tape has been totally misunderstood, that the president need not have resigned …. John Dean, President Nixon’s principal accuser, has recently acknowledged that the president and his defense team were totally mistaken about the tape and its significance.” The tape was taken out of context and twisted to imply the president’s guilt.

Dean writes in his book The President’s Defense, What He Knew and When He Knew It, “In reality, it was only an effort by Haldeman to stop the fbi from investigating an anonymous campaign contribution from Mexico that the Justice Department prosecutors had already agreed was outside the scope of the Watergate investigation.” The media asserted the thousands of dollars in question was “hush money” Nixon paid the Plumbers, but in fact they were anonymous donations made to the Nixon reelection campaign by prominent Democrats.

Dean was the White House counsel and the major force to eventually bring Nixon down. Dean not only misunderstood the context of the tape, he in fact betrayed the president. Hougan reveals in his book that Dean was tied to the call-girl prostitution ring centered at the dnc headquarters that had been uncovered by the Plumbers during their break-in, and that his soon-to-be-wife was a former member of the ring. Did Dean agree to buy into the fake narrative to bring down Nixon to prevent this story from breaking and ruining his reputation?

The final part of the conspiracy was the actions of Judge Sirica, who was in charge of the case and the lawyers. “Sirica was the presiding judge over the Watergate trial,” writes Mr. Flurry in Great Again. “He colluded with prosecutors behind closed doors, and they worked everything out together. Judges and lawyers are supposed to remain separate, but Sirica worked with the prosecutors to bring Nixon down.” Three of the key prosecutors took their secret files with them instead of putting them in the National Archives, because they were trying to hide this illegal activity. Mr. Flurry continues: “Though he had no real idea of the scope of these activities, Richard Nixon did see through a lot of what these people were doing. He had stopped them—and they hated him for that. They were determined to take him down.”

“Nixon was done in by officers of the court,” Shepard writes, “the very people sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution—federal judges and federal prosecutors who met in secret and reached backroom deals on how best to take him down and secure conviction of his senior aides. That is the real Watergate scandal ….”

As Rosen wrote at RealClearPolitics, the fake media narrative established the mythos that “the system worked,” when in actual fact nearly every institution of the government was trampling on the U.S. Constitution. The Senate, Congress, fbi, cia, special prosecutor’s office, the federal judiciary and the mainstream media led by Woodward and Bernstein at the Washington Post all conspired against a duly elected president and ultimately hid their own corruption and Communist infiltration.

Does this sound familiar?

Rosen continued: “If Hougan and the other Watergate revisionists are correct, then the scandal that toppled Richard Nixon from power was about much more than a third-rate burglary attempt, the wiretapping of the opposing party, or even a series of covert crimes ordered by a paranoid president. Secret Agenda and its progeny force us, instead, to conceive of Watergate as a Cold War-era power struggle between a duly elected president and the national security state, with Nixon as much a victim in the affair as he was a perpetrator. In a time when legions of Americans believe in the existence of a ‘deep state,’ getting the history of Watergate right takes on new urgency.” In a sense, Watergate was the template for what the radical left did to President Donald Trump, only on a much larger scale.

The attacks against Donald Trump scream of Watergate tactics by the same establishment, in some cases the very same people, that brought down Nixon. The fake Steele dossier, the Trump-Russia hoax, unconstitutional fisa warrants to spy on Trump, the Alpha Bank scandal, the Ukraine phone call impeachment, collusion by the intelligence agencies to undermine Trump’s agenda and power, the whistleblowers, the January 6 select committee, and hundreds of lies peddled by the media are the same tactics used by the radical-left deep state in the 1970s. Hillary Clinton, one of the main traitors, was involved in Watergate, and so was Attorney General William Barr, who betrayed President Trump similarly to Dean betraying Nixon. Yet there are two key differences.

First, unlike Watergate, a president was orchestrating treason and corruption on a grand scale. That president wasn’t Trump, but Barack Obama. Never before in U.S. history has the highest office in the land been used to commit the greatest acts of treason and betrayal. Mr. Flurry exposes this treason in America Under Attack, writing:

Barack Obama spent his eight years as president … advancing his agenda to weaken those democratic institutions and traditions in pursuit of his supreme stated goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

After leaving office, Mr. Obama continued to pursue this goal. He spearheaded the effort to harm Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, an effort that included illegally spying on him and impeaching him twice. He directed the radical left’s treasonous battle to prevent Mr. Trump from being reelected at all costs.

The United States entered its greatest political crisis ever on Nov. 3, 2020, Election Day. To make Joe Biden president, the radical left flagrantly manipulated the nation’s voting system.

The second key difference is that the radical left was unable to remove Trump from power, so it pulled off the biggest scandal ever: stealing the 2020 presidential election. The current illegitimate administration is tearing the country apart, and the puppet master is still pulling the string behind the scenes.

Perhaps you find this difficult to believe. However, the history of Watergate proves that the Communist infiltration did happen, that the deep state did successfully remove a duly elected president, and that corruption exists in Washington, D.C., on a scale greater than we want to accept.

It took decades for the full truth to come out about the Watergate scandal, but the truth about the scandals going on in America right now has been exposed! You can read in complete detail the truth about the treason taking place today. America Under Attack documents Obama’s treasonous leadership, the many attacks against President Trump, the 2020 election steal, and most importantly how all of these events fit into Bible prophecy. As America heads toward a crisis of life and death, only this book can answer your questions.

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