The Biggest Cover-up in Canadian History

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Biggest Cover-up in Canadian History

The Trudeau government’s treasonous corruption is being exposed.

Never has a Canadian government lied so brazenly to the faces of the Canadian people. Nearly every claim made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the Freedom Convoy and why he needed to invoke the Emergencies Act has been contradicted by direct evidence.

When the hundreds of truckers and the thousands of Canadians in the Freedom Convoy descended on Ottawa, it was an unprecedented rebuke of the Trudeau government’s vaccine mandates and travel restrictions. After two years of emergency public health orders that violated civil liberties, Canadians were demanding an end to the abuse of federal and provincial authority. This sparked similar protests all over the world.

Yet Trudeau, the government and the media castigated the Freedom Convoy as a national security threat, a January 6-style “insurrection” that threatened violence to overthrow the government. This narrative increased relentlessly during the three-week protest, even as Ottawa’s streets were filled with kids playing in bouncy castles, games of street hockey, and truckers building makeshift food kitchens for the homeless.

Instead of engaging in dialogue with the protesters, Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act, which granted him wartime powers, and declared a “public order emergency.” What followed was a devastating violation of civil liberties: Hundreds of bank accounts were frozen; police violently arrested protesters, beating them in the streets, even trampling some with horses.

This dramatic use of force was predicated on dozens of verified threats of violence and ideological extremism. Yet now all of those claims are being exposed as lies.

The biggest scandal in Canadian history is slowly being exposed, but it is being accompanied by the biggest cover-up in Canadian history.

This should wake up all Canadians to the dangerous agenda of Trudeau’s radical-left government. However, it is also a warning to the other English-speaking nations of the perils of the radical left. Canada ceased to be a democracy for nine days while the Emergencies Act was invoked. That scenario is the end game of the radical left. The brazen lies, the false narrative, the covering up of the truth, and “never letting a crisis go to waste”—this is how the radical left operates, and this modus operandi is being exposed on a massive scale. The more they lose grip on power, the more extreme measures they take.

Most important of all, these events prove the fulfillment of Bible prophecies the Trumpet has been warning about for years. This Canadian conspiracy and cover-up illustrate that all roads traveled by the radical left eventually lead back to one individual: Barack Obama. This is the missing dimension only Bible prophecy can explain.

The Emergencies Act statute states that once the act is revoked or powers expire, the government is required to launch an independent inquiry into the government’s use of the act. The Trudeau government announced on April 25 that Judge Paul Rouleau would lead the independent Public Order Emergency Commission, which has 360 days to complete its report. However, the mandate of the inquiry reveals that it is designed to target the protesters, and not investigate the government’s use of the act. The mandate is outlined as follows:

  • the “evolution and goals” of the protests, the organizers and participants;
  • the role domestic and foreign funding, including crowdsourcing, played;
  • the use of social media and impact of sources of misinformation and disinformation;
  • the economic and international impact of the blockades;
  • the “efforts of police and other responders” in the lead-up to and following the declaration of an emergency.

None of these areas of investigation target the Trudeau government’s invocation of the act, which is the whole point of the inquiry: to ensure the government acted correctly and legally. “The Liberals have heeded the age-old advice that governments should never set up public inquiries unless they know in advance what the findings will be,” wrote John Ivison at the National Post. “The question of whether the Trudeau government’s unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act met the legal threshold—namely, that there was a threat to the sovereignty and security of Canada that could not be dealt with under existing laws—is not mentioned in the order in council directing the inquiry.”

This inquiry is a political commission to target and attack those challenging the Trudeau government. To make things worse, Paul Rouleau used to work for the Liberal party as an adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office in the 1980s and is a Liberal party donor. How can the inquiry be “independent” and fair with such a clear conflict of interest?

The House of Commons committee formed to investigate the act has revealed that every claim made by the Trudeau government to invoke the Emergencies Act has been a lie. The government cited cbc reports as evidence for government action; even after cbc retracted those reports, the government continued to use them as evidence to invoke the Emergencies Act. The foreign funding, reports of foreign actors, arson attempts, stealing food from the homeless, desecrating the war memorial, and many other “threats” have all been proved false. One of the key “threats” was the enormous cost to trade by the border blockades. Yet according to Statistics Canada, trade with the United States actually increased during the protests. It was even revealed that Canadian Special Forces flew an electronic communication spy plane over Ottawa several times during the protest. Holly Doan, working for Blacklock’s Reporter, listed some of the instances (and more have been revealed since then).

One of Trudeau’s key talking points was that the Emergencies Act was needed because law enforcement agencies asked for more powers to clear the protesters. On April 22 in the House of Commons, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said, “It was only after we got advice from law enforcement that we invoked the Emergencies Act.” In committee testimony, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rcmp) Commissioner Brenda Lucki said the rcmp did not ask for the Emergencies Act to be invoked, and that police had a plan to clear the protesters the week before February 14, when the act was invoked. Ottawa Interim Police Chief Steve Bell also disclosed that the Ottawa Police did not ask for the Emergencies Act. Lucki also testified that all border blockades, including those at Coutts, Alberta and on Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, were cleared without using the emergency powers. Everyone who has been charged and ticketed from the protest were done so under the criminal code, not the Emergencies Act.

Lucki said the main effect the Emergencies Act had on the situation was scaring people into leaving the protest because they didn’t want their bank accounts to be frozen. It has since been revealed that the government never bothered to verify if the correct bank accounts were frozen, and trusted the banks to act correctly. On the other hand, contrary to what the government said, the banks froze every name on the list the rcmp provided to them. In fact, no written instructions or guidance were provided to the banks on the proper procedure to implement these extraordinary measures: This caused a great deal of confusion and a run on the banks.

Even Trudeau hurriedly announcing the revoking of the act in the middle of the Senate debate, saying they no longer needed the powers days after hinting they may need it for months, was a dishonest representation of the facts. In actual fact, a movement in the Senate was on the verge of legally revoking the Emergencies Act, which would have been a major embarrassment to Trudeau.

This testimony directly contradicts the government narrative. If all of the reasons listed have been lies, then why did the Trudeau government invoke the Emergencies Act?

It’s a secret. The Trudeau government insists it has evidence proving the legal threshold was reached, but it refuses to release that information due to cabinet confidence. These documents are key because all actions taken were made at the cabinet level. Interestingly, the law Justin Trudeau is using to obscure the evidence was created by his father, Pierre Trudeau. “[T]he symmetry between the two Trudeau eras does not end with the abuse of civil liberties during a crisis, real (in Pierre’s case) or perceived (in Justin’s case),” writes Christine Van Geyn at C2C Journal. “There is also a dark symmetry in the secrecy being deployed by the current government to stymie oversight of its illegal invocation of the Emergencies Act.

Pierre Trudeau’s government was in the middle of passing Bill C-43, which intended to make government more transparent, when a number of cabinet documents were leaked dealing with the misuse of rcmp police powers. While the McDonald Commission was made to inquire into the government’s handling of the situation, Pierre Trudeau had several amendments made to Bill C-43 that gave “near-absolute immunity for cabinet confidences” that covered every possible form of cabinet records and communications. There are even safeguards in the law against courts being able to compel the government to produce cabinet documents. This law is now Section 39 in the Canada Evidence Act and is what Justin Trudeau is relying upon to hide his treason.

The Trudeau government also insists it received legal counsel before invoking the act. Again, it won’t reveal the source of the legal counsel. However, we do know about some counsel the government received that likely tipped the scale toward using the Emergencies Act.

On February 11, three days before the act was invoked, Prime Minister Trudeau spoke with Joe Biden on the phone about the protests. Biden urged Trudeau to use federal powers to end the protests, and even offered assistance from the United States government to help in the effort. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation started pressuring the Canadian government to use force to crack down as well. U.S. Press Secretary Jen Psaki said both nations were in close touch in the week before the act was invoked. Trudeau said “everything is on the table” and that there was a real concern of violence. In tragic irony, the only foreign interference was by Biden, and the only violence was by police against protesters. It is pretty clear the Trudeau government chose to act after speaking with Joe Biden.

Is this the legal advice, the counsel, that the Trudeau government wants to cover up? This link helps explain why this scandal is happening and how it all connects to Bible prophecy. You cannot truly understand what is happening in Canada without this missing dimension.

The Trumpet has been exposing Joe Biden as the fake president. However, he is not the real decision maker. The real fake president is Barack Obama. Obama has been pulling the strings and guiding the Biden administration. (You can read more about this in Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry’s article “The Real Fake President.”)

Obama and Trudeau have deep ties, and Trudeau’s policies follow the radical-left agenda Obama is using to fundamentally change America. Trudeau is fundamentally changing Canada and is coming dangerously close to establishing a de facto Communist dictatorship. The February 17 Trumpet Daily program exposes how Obama was behind the American pressure on Trudeau to invoke the Emergencies Act. When viewed through the lens of Bible prophecy, this perfectly explains what is going on.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has explained and warned in his landmark booklet America Under Attack that Barack Obama is an end-time type of Antiochus Epiphanes, who uses lies, deceit and radicalism to destroy America and the other English-speaking peoples. All of the blatant lies and treasonous corruption in America and Canada are done in the “spirit of Antiochus.” This is why people in power actively trying to destroy the foundations of our nations can tell a bold-faced lie and expect it to be believed. It is why every diabolical policy and tactic is used to cover up the treasonous actions of the government. To understand Justin Trudeau’s motivations and actions in the Emergencies Act, you have to understand the link to Obama and the spirit of Antiochus.

You will only find this understanding at the Trumpet. All of these physical events have a spiritual cause. You urgently need this vital truth in your life. To learn more, please read our free booklet America Under Attack.