Trudeau Is Purging the Canadian Military

Members of the Canadian Forces march during a 2014 Remembrance Day ceremony in Montreal, Canada, marking the anniversary of the official end of World War i on Nov. 11, 1918.
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Trudeau Is Purging the Canadian Military

The #MeToo movement has been used to create a leadership crisis.

The Canadian military is facing a crisis of leadership. In a span of 18 months, over a dozen of the most senior members of the Canadian Armed Forces (caf) have been dismissed, placed on leave, or charged due to an explosion of sexual misconduct allegations. This #MeToo movement that has swept through the armed forces has triggered radical changes within the military. Some of these changes are much needed, and many guilty of sexual misconduct are being brought to justice. However, the evidence shows that the prime minister’s office and the caf have known about many of these allegations for years.

The caf has been struggling to reform its reputation for decades after reports of widespread sexual assault surfaced. Yet recently many senior officers have been removed despite being cleared of the allegations. Why has there been a sudden removal of the senior leaders of the caf over the past 18 months?

The Trudeau government has used the #MeToo movement to push through radical, woke reforms of the Canadian military.

In July 2015, Gen. Johnathan Vance became the chief of the defense staff, the highest-ranking officer in the caf. Vance launched Operation honour, which was a set of reforms to address complaints of sexual misconduct. In January 2021, Vance stepped down from that position due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Adm. Art McDonald took over and vowed a full investigation. However, in February, Admiral McDonald also had to step down due to sexual misconduct allegations. Lt. Gen. Wayne Eyre then stepped in as acting chief of the defense staff.

Multiple investigations uncovered that both Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, knew of the allegations against Vance back in 2018, but no action was taken. These investigations started a wave of allegations against high-ranking officers; several officers close to those accused were removed for not taking the appropriate actions, despite having knowledge of sexual misconduct. You can read a timeline of events and details here.

Since January 2021, more than a dozen admirals, commanders, lieutenant generals and generals, including the head of the Navy and Canada’s vaccine rollout, have been under investigation and removed from office. You can see a complete list of these high-ranking officers here.

Vance has been charged with obstruction of justice, and many others are waiting for their day in court. This has demolished the credibility and reputation of Canada’s military leadership. Not only has this removed officers with essential experience and knowledge, but it has also disrupted the entire chain of command by promoting junior officers lacking credentials into key positions of leadership.

In response to the turmoil, the Trudeau government is appointing new heads of the Army, Navy and Air Force by using a new promotion-and-selection process that aims to be more inclusive. Lt. Gen. Jocelyn Paul will be the first indigenous head of the Canadian Army. In June 2021, Frances Allen became the first woman to hold the position of vice chief of the defense staff.

The caf has not publicly disclosed the massive exodus of senior officers from its ranks. Industry insiders expect the Canadian government to make this public in July. This unprecedented exodus of officers will leave the caf as the only military in the Western world without a properly trained officer corps. On top of this, the caf is 7,000 personnel short on recruitment. What has caused this massive exodus of leadership?

It is important for those guilty of sexual misconduct to face justice, and if these many officers are guilty the law should be followed. However, the removal of these senior leaders has given Trudeau’s radical-left government an opportunity to enact radical change with minimal resistance. This #MeToo movement is being used by the radical left not to pursue justice for women, but to fundamentally transform the Canadian military.

Previous allegations in 2019 sparked an in-depth investigation by the standing committee on women in the House of Commons on sexual misconduct, but the report was not released until June 2021. This report cited 21 recommendations to change the caf culture. The report stated: “The committee was informed by expert witnesses, including by survivors, that the working environment in the caf is hierarchical, male-dominated, based on patriarchal gender norms and highly sexualized. These factors create a toxic work environment where incidents of sexual misconduct can occur and go unchecked.” The report cites misogyny and toxic masculinity as the cause for the sexualized culture. In order to fix the culture, the Trudeau government intends on placing women in more high-ranking leadership roles.

Yet a lot of the initiative is about bringing transgenderism into the military culture. The caf will also introduce gender and diversity sensitivity training to ensure that women, lgbtq members, minorities and indigenous peoples are treated fairly and that the military boosts their representation in the ranks. This includes ensuring child-care services and gender-diverse facilities are available on all caf bases, and that gender-specific equipment is purchased for any gender identity.

True North reports that one such initiative is the introduction of a more inclusive dress code. This new plan will allow all members of the caf, whether men or women, to have face tattoos, fake nails and eyelashes, dyed hair, makeup, facial hair and any length of hair they choose. This includes creating a new gender neutral uniform. Rear Adm. Rebecca Patterson, who is a major force behind these radical changes, asked members to celebrate Gender Equality Week in September 2021. A couple months later in November, a Halifax-based club for caf members put on a “drag queen bingo” event. Embracing transgenderism is seen as a way to combat the patriarchy and masculinity of the caf culture.

Another radical ideology being introduced is critical race theory. True North has reported that caf members are being taught critical race theory courses including books by Ibram X. Kendi and Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility. Soldiers were also put through a number of “what if” scenarios, including how being associated with a religion that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman is hate speech, and wearing an “I love Canada” T-shirt is a form of anti-immigrant attitudes. All ranks have been trained how to identify far-right, religious extremism and white supremacy.

On April 25, Defense Minister Anita Anand released a report on systemic racism in the military after reports in 2020 of caf members having links to white supremacy groups. The report features a long analysis on how Canada is a systemically racist country and the military fosters a culture of white superiority. The report writes: “Racism in Canada is not a glitch in the system; it is the system. Colonialism and intersecting systems such as patriarchy, heteronormativity and ableism constitute the root causes of inequality within Canada. Throughout Canada’s history, the existence of systemic and cultural racism has been enshrined in regulations, norms and standard practices.” The report mentions it does not intend to offend white members of the caf, but that they are “symptoms of the problem.”

The report cites colonialism as the root cause of the racist system: “Dismantling Canada’s colonial culture, to which the Defense Team leadership subscribes, requires this sustained and deliberate effort. … On occasion, it necessitates artificially increasing the representation of women, indigenous, black and other racialized people, and people with disabilities, until archaic paradigms and systemic barriers no longer prevent them from naturally thriving in the workplace. Recognizing that the health of the National Defense organization is hampered by the powerful constraints of its inherited colonialist culture is the first step in deliberately instituting meaningful change.” Over 70 percent of the caf identifies as white. The new regime wants to change the culture by a forceful change of the demographics and through promotion of diverse leaders.

The report also recommends reviewing the use of military chaplains, noting that “religion can be a source of suffering and generational trauma. This is especially true for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited members of Canadian society.” Chaplains who are members of a religion that do not align with Trudeau’s definition of inclusion and diversity could be removed from the caf. This is a deliberate attack to remove faith and God from the fighting ranks and replace it with critical race theory.

All of the policies attacking colonialism in the military are an attack on the British regimental system, which Canada and the other Commonwealth nations adopted. Each Canadian regiment has connections and traditions to the British throne. It was the Canadian military’s prowess during the First World War that sparked Canada’s autonomy from Britain, and its impressive history in World War ii cemented many regimental traditions. The regiment is meant to preserve tradition and history, which is the backbone of the caf’s esprit de corps. This is exactly what these new measures are attempting to dismantle.

This is not the first attack. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson thought the Canadian military’s “Britishness” was a major hindrance to peacekeeping in the post-colonial world. The caf slowly eroded as a fighting force until it culminated in Pierre Trudeau’s unification scheme, in which the Army, Navy and Air Force were merged into one, sharing the same uniforms and ranks, erasing over a century of traditions. It was such a disaster it was reversed.

The gender diversity and equality schemes are also not new. Pierre Trudeau opened combat positions to women in 1980 and tried imposing a 25 percent quota on female recruitment. By 1998, the results were dismal and the masculine culture was blamed. “As a result of the ‘overall nonsupportive environment’ in the Army, all ranks by the end of 1998 were required to take sensitivity training in the sharp program—Standard for Harassment and Racism Prevention,” writes historian J. L. Granatstein in the book Canada’s Army. In 1998, the caf also imposed quotas for visible minority recruits despite a lack of enthusiasm for combat roles in those demographics. The Liberal government of Jean Chretien was implementing an agenda, as Granatstein writes: “[T]he government pressure to use the armed forces for social engineering purposes was unrelenting.” This social engineering has escalated over the past 18 months by an opportunistic Justin Trudeau.

Why is Trudeau pursuing such an aggressive agenda to radically transform the Canadian military? The Trumpet has been warning for years that just before Jesus Christ returns there will be an attack on the end-time nations of Israel by Communist infiltrators. The late Herbert W. Armstrong specifically warned in 1956: “It’s a kind of warfare we don’t understand, or know how to cope with. It uses every diabolical means to weaken us from within, sapping our strength, perverting our morals … demoralizing our armed forces, and finally, after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence!” The radical-left agenda to radically transform Canada can only be successful if the same transformation occurs in the military. Trudeau already displayed a massive abuse of power by invoking the Emergencies Act unlawfully. The only entity that could stop such a tyrannical overreach would be an uncompromised military. If the military is radicalized, there is no way the citizens of Canada can defend their liberties. The same Canadian Army that shed blood in courageous valor to defeat the tyranny of Nazi Germany is now being systemically dismantled to enable tyranny at home.

The purging of Canada’s military leadership and the feminizing of its culture are the direct fulfillment of prophecies in Isaiah 3:1-3, where God says He will remove the “mighty man, the man of war … the captain of fifty and the honorable man.” The same chapter says women will rule over us in their place (verse 12). The Canadian military is not preparing to fight in a war but is consumed with fighting a culture war against itself. The erosion of strong, righteous male leadership and the systematic Communist attack are the direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy. What is the real cause of all these curses and turmoil in Canada? The Bible provides a clear answer if you are willing to listen.

To find the answers, please read Herbert W. Armstrong’s The United States and Britain in Prophecy.