Other Causes for 80 Percent of ‘COVID Deaths,’ German Expert Claims

Crematorium employees store coffins, some marked with “infection risk” or “corona,” in Meissen, Germany, on January 13.

Other Causes for 80 Percent of ‘COVID Deaths,’ German Expert Claims

Have lockdowns, vaccine rollouts, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports been based on fraudulent data?

German medical scientist Bertram Häussler explained to Die Welt that a large proportion of covid deaths reported by government-funded Robert Koch Institute did not die of covid. His interview was published August 30.

Häussler is head of the independent health research institute iges in Berlin. He and his team have been responsible for compiling the “Pandemic Monitor” since August 2020. He noted that at the end of August 2020 the Robert Koch Institute was reporting about eight covid deaths a day. Six to eight weeks prior, the institute reported around two a day. At the peak of the second wave in January 2021, the number rose to 1,200 deaths in one day before it again declined.

Concerning the most recent count, Häussler explained: “It must be said, unfortunately, even that number is still too high. More deaths are reported than have actually died from the coronavirus. … We have determined that in a good 80 percent of the official covid deaths reported since the beginning of July, the underlying infection occurred more than five weeks ago and therefore one must rather assume that covid was not the real cause of death.”

One way he backed up his argument was highlighting that around 3.8 million people in Germany have survived a coronavirus infection, according to official numbers. “Mathematically, about 100 of these recovered people die every day from regular causes of death,” he explained. If you count these deaths as a result of covid-19, the numbers end up being skewed. Häussler noted that the number the Robert Koch Institute lists could include “an elderly person who was infected in 2020 but has now died of heart failure.” He also explained that the institute is absolutely aware of the fact that these numbers are distorted but doesn’t want to leave one potential coronavirus death uncounted.

The high death toll numbers have led to unprecedented lockdowns and, as a result, the rise of depression and suicide. It has also led to an unprecedented vaccine rollout, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. Governments are taking increasingly authoritarian measures.

Early on in the pandemic, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry wrote in “The Cure Is Killing Us”:

Once the virus subsides, will governments roll back the socialist programs and release the authoritarian reins? Will the radical left ease off on their unrelenting, irrational and vicious attacks against the presidency and America’s founding principles? Will this be the end of sensational reporting and scaremongering? Will teams of experts return to the university and correct the mistakes that helped to incite a worldwide panic and economic meltdown?

We’ve seen large numbers of people whipping themselves into a frenzy before. The world has grown more and more radical, emotional and panicked, especially over the last few decades. But nothing has illustrated this quite like the reaction to covid-19.

If we realize that the numbers were based on fraudulent data, we can understand that the governments of this world will not revert to pre-pandemic times. I encourage you to read “The Cure Is Killing Us” for God’s perspective on the recent pandemic and the suffering it has brought. God has a solution to sickness, a solution mankind cannot reach without God.